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You're on the air. What can I do for you? Hey, King John. Just a quick thing. Somebody mentioned something about the autobahn Germany and driving like crazy on special lanes. I've driven on a lot of the German auto body. And it's not like there's any area that you could just go on and drive like crazy. You know, no speed limits. Um, typically, it's It's like a regular highway and that you just get to an area where there are no speed limits, and it's a It's a funny sign that the black circle with three flashes three black slashes across it, and that means there is no limit. Um, and the drivers in Germany are unbelievably good. Um, I have been has been on the roads. People have been going probably in excess of 150 miles an hour. And it is extremely safe. There's a truck in the right lane. And, you know other cars will be just whine by in the left lane. And if you you know if you're in the left lane, and you see somebody coming up behind you, you just get over. You know, you move over to the right if you're not driving like crazy, but it's not like there's an area where you get on it. You know, you drive like crazy here, too. The next city or their special roads like that. It's it's regular highways like ours. That's the way it is. That's 55 or 57 Go ahead.

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