Chris Few Soleil, John Morrissey And Bedford Sports Traffic Center discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Street taverns Chris Few Soleil, with his reaction to restaurant workers, being moved back down on the covert vaccine list will talk to him about that and more that's coming up in just a moment as we check the drive again with John Morrissey. Then we got a crowded drive. It's continuing that was bound to 70. Dr. Is heavy from I 70 up to Vasquez. Somebody flagged accident They're eastbound is heavy from I 76 pretty busy drive downtown, too. And that includes that south on I 25 driving the Bedford Sports Traffic Center South tonight 25 Heavy before I 70 and through downtown that ran from he's found Sixth Avenue. Want to sound tonight? 25 still pretty heavy. And we still got a lot of traffic backed up on that 2 to 5 drive, even though they clear that crashing just 70 South found 2 to 5 heavy and slugs from Parker Road. You still got a lot of delays on your C 4 70 drive because of a crash. That's eastbound C 4 70 approaching Santa Fe that ramp from westbound C 4 70 toe. I said he looks a whole lot better. This reporter sponsored by Dairy queen Hey, D Q Fence, artistry style chicken bites or here it's the tender, juicy and flavorful all white meat chicken you

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