Los Angeles City Council Expected to Finalize 'Hero Pay'


The city of L. A approved a $5 an hour hazard pay increase for some retail workers. Today L a now joins a note by growing number of Southern California cities where supermarket and pharmacy workers have stayed on the job throughout the pandemic is KCRW's Matt Dillon reports. The vote to approve so called Hero pay in L. A was nearly unanimous when the measure first came before the council last month, 14 members approved and one dissented. At all of them signed off, it could have passed. Then. Instead of this repeat vote, both Times Council member John Lee was the lone dissenter, calling it a government overreach into business. L. A now joins Long Beach, Montebello and Coachella and approving temporary raises for essential workers. Ella's hero pay will last 120 days and cover employees at supermarkets and pharmacies that have more than 300 workers nationwide. Measure also includes workers that big box stores with at least 10% of their sales floors dedicated to grocery or drug retail. California Grocers Association, A trade group has challenged the ordinances in court, but a judge has so far blocked their effort to overturn Long Beach is $4 pay hike. Parent company of Ralph said it would close two of its stores in that

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