Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge is a new 16-bit beat-'em-up

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Needs to Turtles shredders revenge. Who thought this one coming nobody. I drink turtle's brawler stuff. Still right and that's like the one type. Eternal game that gets made besides japanese. Yeah i action games not good once. Yeah i mean yeah. We hope it's good. It has good pedigree behind it. Trivia games The guy did the one. I enjoyed last year. Very much panzer paladin. What like. I was not that interested in this because only because so many of these throwbacks end up being disappointing. Right like you're so jazz and exciting. It comes out and it's fine. You know and then and then and then it's over but this one every single portion of the announcement. I'm mike okay. Okay developer like good like they're hitting all the right notes. I could not be more jazzed. I think this is going to be the one that like actually delivers on the promise of like what. Sort of a modern throwback can be. Well yeah except that it's it's being Published by dot edu. Who last year brought a street bridge. Four which is also another great modern classic broader exactly johm. It looks so cool. it's reg. I'm not a journalist guy. So i'll i'll connect to this on the brawler level. It streets ridge four had anything that was like kind of like a meta gain. That kind of like did something. Brawlers didn't like an rpg system like mercy ransom or like castle crashers or anything like that. It had an interesting scoring mechanism. Where the longer you went. Without taking damage higher your score would go which is kinda cool and a stressful to me. I liked it. It also had a really really great animation. Of course herbals game is going for classic. Look like it is a sequel to the original turtles. Arcadian nearly nineties Our producer is writing me. That turtles in time is so much fun now. I played all the early turtles brawlers. they're fine. I played them like crazy. When i was a kid. But you guys know how i feel about brawlers need something extra or just too boring other. Otherwise it's good for you know ten dollars worth of quarters in the arcade galway's grant them that but i don't want that in my home and even with four people i'm gonna play through once maybe and it was to see all the cool pixel art and stuff so that'd be nice in this and i'm sure it'll be interesting but back in the day brawlers were cutting edge graphics. There's nothing that looked as good as them. And that was the reason for me to play them like run racers were first coming out not gonna play daytona usa ever again but i was pretty excited about daytona usa. When it was at a bank of machines in the arcade. I'll close up ten dollars in quarters into this machine. But i won't buy it for ten dollars. I wouldn't do that. It's the arcade experience in your with your friends and you're like how long can this quarter get mean this round. How much have improved since my last order experience. Exactly yeah maybe something will modify a cabinet and we can all play together to extreme or something in the future. that'd be cool way to experience. What if the game free but every time you wanted to play again at cost you asked about that. And nobody's really done. The twenty five cent per game system microsoft tried doing that with xbox live arcade border per play. It was something like that. We had to pay each play of these classic arcade games. Oh yeah one of the castle. Vania games like that. One of the xp la's spinoffs. Maybe joe was the castle vania. Excellent spin off that was like that zoom in and zoom out one which is was the cooperative one. That was really cool. I don't remember the pace anyway. You are right sam. I beat dragon and the arcade back in the day. But only because my grandpa just kept giving me quarters eventually my sister and i just four star way to our way to the end of the game where you bany or jimmy. I'm a lifelong me. There are only jimmy on the eighty. S yeah i think it's corrected or it was originally correct in their arcade The i have like a little kid. I had don't really fun. Time at the arcade playing with a friend through the simpsons. Game those my best brawler Experience we had happened to come in to a ten dollars in quarters or something. We got last boston. Did not beat the las boss. Still never finished the simpsons but it was so exhilarating and so illuminating to go through the first couple levels which costs you a buck fifty. Probably in the next couple levels which cost you probably four dollars and then the last boss which cost you four dollars by itself adds up in the set of funny way. It's it's you know it's those. Were designed to your quarters. At a point where people stopping go competitive with quarters and getting high scoring with pacman staff and of course the next era of arcades we all know with street fighter two competitive stuff that wet bridge of high tech brawlers like you know as corner starting with call it by the way. Yeah i actually have. I have a lot of affinity for brawlers. Who doesn't everybody loves him. But like you're you're completely right that. Although i do have an affinity for them like they're kind of garbage in like you know the bosses have invincibility frames and Just lockable moves. And just you know total screen wipes and like clearly like a super high level of skill. That stuff isn't a problem but for like everyday people like they just become impossible to the point. Where like you said. They're designed to you. Know to continue. Yeah so but that's why seeing them come. Home is so exciting. Because then they don't have that limitation that requirement on the commercial side on the on the capitalist side like they can just design a really really cool fudd brawling fighting combat system without the need for a bunch of bullshit bosses that That i can afford another quarter. That's casper crashers. I think they did a good job with it. Yup tina this announcement anything for you In the sense that i played like the early nineties. Konami think version the arcade version back in the day. So i had the same fondness that anybody else would just Having an opportunity to to play multiplayer game when that's a reality in the future at some point when you can sit down on a couch next to a friend and actually play the stuff. I'm also not a huge brawler fan. There's a level of consistency in sameness to them. After a while when you play them back to back. But i loved. River city ransom. Um so. there's definitely some affection in my heart for the genre overall.

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