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A mac that's sort of like that was a failure but i do like i do sort of view it as an honor to even be mentioned in the list. Even if you're honored for being a flop. And so if i could choose which to honor between the i mac. Pro in the trash can mac pro. I would absolutely choose. The i mac pro tell but i do think that we're a little bit of hindsight that's the that's one of the key stories of the two thousand ten's for for apple is is what happened with the mac pro and the i mac pro. I wonder if we'll ever vessel be using us in a. Yeah oh you know the biggest problem i have with with an i mac is is so huge that you know even even with all the power can use it as a server yet but i but i got put a twenty seven inch screen somewhere while i'm just more one i'm saying is i think you've already answered it in the way he wants to that question. Oh yeah if we'll replace it with something else. Oh i can't envision that i'll still be using it new year no. I think there's no way there's no way no. My challenge is just going to be that. I'm going to need to sell it to someone who's going to get a really nice fast. I mak that runs on intel. And that'll be fine but that that's that's going to be. I've already jumped to that point. I'm going to need to sell it. Because i'm not gonna keep it around and use it as a server or something. I'm either going to sell it or i'm going to say see if if lawrence still working at home some of the times like you one i mac on on that desk instead of your laptop because we put it there but but yeah i i can't see like already it's it's slower than most of the things i do on the mac air so i think the issues are. I'm going to need a screen. And i'm going to need a fast mac. And what does that mean like. Is there an apple display and an external an another device. I can use. Or is there a new. I mac that i like and is there a small i mac but the it's very strong rumors are that there's going to be a bigger. I met coming in. So do i want to wait for that but yeah. I can't envision that this mac is going to make it to to twenty twenty two in my on my desk. Just don't see if. I had a big display a big external display. I might already be moved to the macbook air fan. The show main she quo has been reported recently string of reports over the a couple of weeks this time little bit. More information about apple's mix rally stuff Some in the near and some in the very distant future. I wanna to talk about it because there's some stuff in here that's just bananas wild But there's a couple of things which are more clarifying over some of the reports that we've had in recent weeks like that one from the information so quo talks about apple having three phases for the strategy helmet by twenty twenty two glosses by twenty twenty-five contact lens but thirty to twenty forty. I love that. Range is it's Ten years from now or twenty years from okay. That's the that's the question cloud with a question. Mark like happens. The helmet product will be the only one of these products in the strategy to provide vr experience as well as a are and helming at helmet is so we're going to look to. It's going to be a headset. It's going to be a headset not glasses. I call it a headset. Headset makes more sense. I'm not. I'm not really sure to be honest. How could a translation thing honestly Unbeliev these reports are written in english So you know no make sense with this one being the outlier. Because if it's something that's covering your eyes and it's not see through which it won't be. They may as well provide a vr experience here as well and who knows apple. This might not be thing which gets superseded by glosses collect you know this might be something if it works for them. I also continue making products in these realms. Well i we're all thinking about like. Oh this is the first step to al glosses which is obviously where they wanna go but they may also want to continue making a mix rally headset for home use if it turns out to be something that is popular Prototypes of this product. Current way around two to three hundred grams apple was tugging in a final way of one two hundred grams to give some context. The oculus quest is five hundred grams. The pulse max of three hundred and eighty grams. Save a one hundred and fifty gram headset. Seems incredibly ambitious. I'm find that very peculiar color. Skeptical because i would genuinely expect it to have been in the range that the quest is so if they're prototype types are in the two three hundred gram like if they ship product that way awesome because that will become much comfortable. That'd be way more comfortable if they can do that. That's a that's a winner. see your member. The real shocking thing in the inflammations report is that this product is called three thousand dollars mean she quo is saying be aimed a thousand. That's the case. I mean we're talking about something different now right because three thousand was like okay. Nobody developer kit. That's a hollow lens. Kind of enterprise only sort of thing but a thousand dollars sounds like a consumer product right exact order. I mean look thousand dollars is expensive. It's expensive for sure. But a phones cost that right so like at least in yuma at the very least were three thousand dollars is like the only people that should by the people that have a very specific actual need for them. Making these types of applications for future uses quo talks about this being a portable a mobile product mobile product expect. What he's saying here is like the processing power everything going to be done on device. We've heard that said by everybody right to do an older. The processing on device. But it's not the outside use. I also expect. It probably doesn't have a great barry life like maybe you got a couple of hours on it especially if it's that light under the has a big battery in it right and so maybe it will be something that most of the time you'd maybe want to have plugged injuring

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