2021 College Basketball Bracketology With Jay Bilas

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Feels like you might be the busiest man in america right now. So thank you for making some time for me man. I appreciate it but busiest mannered. America's this is the best time of year. So i'm happy to be busy. Jay bilas is literally and figuratively towering. Figure in the world of college basketball so it is about nine forty five pm eastern on selection sunday. You've been on tv all day. I've seen you offering wisdom's. I've seen you gas bagging as you yourself from time and again i'm curious jay. How long does it take you to fill out your bracket while we have to do it in about two minutes one. We're on the air during this brattle. G selection show. So i it's sort of the the first thoughts that you have and and you wind up picking an upset or to In each region in the first couple of days. But then i wind up going pretty chalky after that and And then i'll i write an article called the more than five minute bracket where i think about it for more than a couple of minutes and And i don't do any better. So i'm not sure that my My first instincts aren't are just as good well. I'm glad to get you somewhere between the first and second drafts of history. Because i'm staring at an empty bracket you have hastily filled out yours and i want to get into this because we have the top four seeds gonzaga baylor illinois michigan their top lining the four geographic regions jay. That aren't really geographic regions this year. Because everybody's gonna be crammed into indianapolis in something that feels bubble like is there one team among those four top seeds. That seems feels the most vulnerable to you. Yeah michigan Because of isaiah livers You don't know what this stress reaction and his foot whether he's gonna play and if he does play whether he's going to be the same. I mean machines a good team without him but they're elite offensively with him Because of how skilled he is He's a good passer. Good cutter good square. He's a terrific scorer but without him I think there are a lot more beatable if you will And they have a different. I i do think they have somewhat of a difficult path. alabama is the to in their region and And i think alabama has got a very good chance to to reach a final four What's what's the best thing. I think bobby for the the big ten teams as they're out of the big ten now and they don't have to they don't have to beat each other up and they can go take a swing at somebody else. And i think they're all gonna like that. So i wanna get into the alabama thing. You just mentioned it. They're sitting right below michigan as the two seed and jay. I'm still staggered by. I guess the following collection of words second-seeded alabama versus fifteen seeded. Rick pitino and iona. So let's take the first half of that matchup. I people know alabama obviously as a football institution the football institution. What they know about their basketball team. Yeah alabama is is really talented and really good This year in basketball. Their coach nate. Oats is a math guy. He is an analytic sky. So last year they shot ton of threes. He believes in free throws open threes and layups and And so they're not a lot of mid range shots taken But this year. They're they're excellent defensively. That may be the best part of their team is. They can really guard their long armed and athletic on the wings. They've got a player named herbert jones. who has always been a really good defender. He's six eight He's really kind of a point guard at six eight and he does everything. He's kind of a triple double type player and defensive player of the year. In the league in the sec. And the player of the year in the league And i think he makes them different. So they're legit. They could have been a one seed worthy of it but because of how good baylor gonzaga have been they were they were locks and then And then how. How good michigan wound up being and then illinois. I don't think anybody would argue with those four is number one seeds but alabama was the clear Fifth overall so the other

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