Stanford's Dick Gould on College Tennis


Indulge. My my pet peeve with college tennis and stanford steer clear of this so You're not to be implicated but you look at some of these rosters and you look at where look players come from. And i always say if you're the iowa the minnesota indiana athletic director and you've got to make some cuts and you see one of your teams has eight guys from out of the country and nobody from in state. You're making my job a lot easier when the the budget ax falls on the other hand. You know we're globalist internationalists and we want to be beyond. Yeah that's a great question. Where where do you come down. You know it's really interesting. Because we'll go. For junior goal before it came to stanford and i never had a foreigner at stanford way gave a scholarship to not for any reason but i was able to get the top americans and as long as i can do that. Knew the families and everything. It was a safer bet for me. But i wasn't above a foreigner. I mean we had some foreigners our team. We came on their own. When i was in junior college we went a couple of state championships with a german player on a mexican davis cup's player on the other. And so i'm not above it So everyone thought. I wasn't but i was able to get the top american soy stuck with that that'd be also served on the advocacy committee for the integrated ten association for a long period of time. And and the first thing. I would do when when school is going to drop a program Debate one two or three two women did matter is to the roster and call it up online and see how what percentage of the team was four. If the team had more than two foreigners who appeared to be starting team in good faith. I do not feel like write a letter to a state institution and who's paying taxes. So these kids go to school and good. Faith advocate for it if they had a couple of foreigners. Okay but if they had a team of four four or five four hundred starting. I couldn't do it. And i was on a committee with the understanding. I would not write letters that circumstance. So i think that's a hard thing and i think Sometimes you cut her own throat doing that and on the other hand john we forget we were off sometime. We all we all we all forget that we all came from somewhere a we're all immigrants and and all of us essentially and and so we have been told her that we have to appreciate that and i in all my years a coaching i never saw a foreigner a foreign player abuse the system i they were turned out to be solid students. They appreciate it. Opportunity had and so many of them stadium states became citizens. Citizens are coaches in our call and our coaches were call indeed college teams today. So you can't fold it Because we all started that way. But the way i think it's a republican student institution particular and our tax payer. I think you'd be could be cutting your view to be that way.

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