Pepsi's Number Fever


Victoria. And where nato angelo. Where a couple living in manila in the philippines. They had a pretty hot life. When i worked as a rickshaw driver and the whole family lived in a tin roof shack but they had a dream. Tim hoffa talks about this in his cautionary tales. Podcast and that dream is that they'll win a very unusual lottery. The lottery is called number fever in the lottery. Numbers are printed on the inside of bottle tops on bottles of pepsi. They sat down every night to wash numbers drawn on tv. If the number from your bottle top was drawn in one grand prize you could win a million pesos. That's equivalent to about forty thousand american dollars. That is a lot of money in the philippines in one thousand nine hundred to a life changing amount of money for victoria and anita if they were ever to win it but of course. It's just that one grand prize. What are the chances they would ever win. What was the number. The number was three four nine one evening. They are watching the television and the lottery. Juries held on the number comes up and it's three four nine. They can't believe it. Got forty thousand dollars a million pesos. They the children can go to college. Anita doesn't have to work as a rickshaw driver any more it would be like winning a million dollars in the us. Today but pepsi messed up and eight hundred thousand bottletops printed with the winning number three four nine so for victoria and horta the way i imagine. This is the run out onto the streets to celebrate and everybody else is on the streets and they're celebrating too because they all have the number three four nine on their bottle tops. So they're all going to be millionaires. Yeah well you'd think pepsi was on the hook for at least fifteen billion dollars

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