A highlight from #456 Ass to Grass


To the casinos english. Show with me your host agassi knows this is episode number. Four five six. That's single says quattro sinkers says how you guys doing. How are you feeling great. Amazing good to hear you know what to do. If you're watching this. Youtube smashed like bump below leave me. A comment can subscribe to vacation belt. All that good stuff. If you listen to podcasts up. I'm pleased ebay. Five-star reviews pacific apple podcasts. Do you ever have the same function. But they do. Leave me a five-star of your something within that range oppy greatly appreciated. Help get the show up the little. You know i'll give that milwaukee. I've seen a couple of reviews on from people. And i'm really really grateful for them of about ten ratings. So far which is way better than one set for a couple more. I'd be greatly appreciate. It doesn't cost you a thing. Cost takes about especially for sancho. Count may show you leave me. A five star review on apple podcast. Whatever podcasts streaming platform. You're using that will be greatly appreciate the call support via patriots. Always more than welcome at patient come. Force is age e. s. t. a. and hr and for the

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