A highlight from Episode 47B Lily Mackenzie Demystifying the Path to Publication


Are you working on your other career? But struggling to get that first book, published does the goal of being an author seen through Thursday or thoughts of having multiple books and making a full-time living, or as Fantastical is living in Cinderella's Castle. Welcome to discovered wordsmiths a podcast where aspiring authors can be heard. Join Stephen Schneider. Is he finds and talks to authors? You may not know, but authors that have gotten their foot on the author career path here. What they've done to get there and off, they want to go. Now settle down, it's time for a bit of inspiration and advice, listen to today's discovered Wordsmith. Lily welcome back to discovered Wordsmith the second half and we're going to talk about the path to publication before we do offer. You've written several books. You have another one coming out. What are some things that you have learned along the way that you do differently than original or some things that you thought were a certain way? And you learned the real truth. As you wrote? Yes. I spent far too much time looking for agents. And and queering them far too much time. I mean I've had I've had some fine agents. I my first agent was Canadian because the first choice was trying to sell how the Canadian character and Canadian characters aren't that popular in America. But and so, but but then she got I think she, I think she went into a deep depression or something and so so I lost I lost my Canadian agent. So then you know I started exploring off of standouts so many query letters, I'm an expert, very literate writer. And and you know, and I I get some interest and people would look a, the problem is that most of the major agents that you want to work with happened to be in New York. And and they're looking, they have a very narrow way of looking for what they want to publish and they're not going to take many chances on people like me. Who didn't have a track record when I started out. I hadn't gone to a prestigious you know, like the Iowa workshop and so that wasn't offered in my favorite and I was Canadian and yes I did have a Canadian characters. So again, you know, if if you're if you're not part of a certain scene that's visible in that kind of publishing world, you fall through the cracks and there are other other things that come up to. So I bought it when my actually my second novel that I had published had an agent who absolutely loved it, and he was dead. Well respected, New York agent. He worked for a big agency and he was so excited about it. He thought he was going to have a bidding

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