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A woman named becky is lounging by the pool at the fountain blue hotel when a strapping pool attendant catches her eye and she asks him if he'd like to go on a day with her but there's a catch her husband wants in on the action to what begins as an unconventional proposition will soon throw them all into the international spotlight. And that's because the couple is none other than jerry falwell junior and his wife becky to the most powerful figures an evangelical america but as they're forbidden fling blossomed into a full fledged relationship. The fouls did much more than break their own rules while he percents in god we lust a story of learning sex scandal power money and very public fall from grace while running liberty university a school that strictly enforces absence. And there's even a rule against prolonged eye contact with the opposite sex. The follows learn giancarlo grant into a love triangle that lasted years. They promised him in the world paying for a new apartment treating them to lavish vacations and brokering meetings with the likes of donald trump but when word of their throw fell into the wrong hands it led to political extortion and international headlines that brought jerry follow juniors empire crashing down. You're about to hear preview of in god we lust and while you're listening. Subscribe to in god. We lust on apple podcasts. Amazon music or listen early ad free by joining a wonderful plus in me wonder app celery show. I want you to picture of cool at a luxury hotel on miami beach. Ooh this is perfect. I need a vacation while. It's not just any hotel. It's the luxurious historic thousand. Blue back in the fifties. You could catch legends like frank sinatra or judy garland lounging poolside or walking through. Its giant marble lobby. Actually once had to put armed guards at the door just to keep out screaming fans. Those were the days drink. Manhattan's with old blue eyes. Yeah i forgot. You were a founding member of the rat pack. I don't like to brag on this day in march two thousand twelve twenty year old giancarlo rhonda as working as a pool attendant at the fountain. Blue giancarlos handsome and fit. He recently kicked a bad video. Game habitat and got himself in great shape and lately. He's been working. This hourly job dutifully bringing towels and cold beverages to hotel guests. It's a lot of work. Sweating it out in the miami humidity but today something unusual catches giancarlos. I among all the beautiful people sunbathing by the pool. There's one guest in particular and he's noticing how she's noticing him she's checking them out like really obviously checking them out. We don't know exactly how the next moment goes down. But giancarlo walks over to the woman i imagine. He casually asked her if she needs a fresh towel or a fresh drink. She's older than him he's guessing she's in her forties. Anything she's cute burnett great body friendly smile and she keeps flirting with him. At one point she even takes a picture of giancarlo with her phone. Wow thirsty much definitely. After some chitchat the woman tells him her name is becky. She asks him for his number and he gives a tour and then she asks him if he wants to meet at her hotel room. Okay this is getting interesting. Yes but we're not done. Because according to giancarlo she adds one more request. My husband. She says he likes to watch was not expecting that. After giancarlo finishes his shift at the pool. He gets a call from a blocked number. The caller asked him to go to a hotel near the fountain blue when he gets there back sitting at the bar. she's nervous. yeah. I think i need a drink to. They both have a whiskey to calm the old nervous then. They upstairs together when they get to the hotel room. There's becky's husband lying on the bed. Just boom lying on the bed. Yup he's tall haired pretty handsome. Maybe a little doughy around the middle. He's noticeably drunk and giggling nervously. What about giancarlo. Is he nervous if me. I have so many butterflies in my stomach. Yeah well giancarlo reassures the husband that if he starts to get uncomfortable with this setup hell get out of there no problem but the couple doesn't ask him to leave instead giancarlo and becky have sex while the husband watches. Okay so we're just getting right down to it. I'm sorry as a grown man. Not enough for play for your asia. And i should say this is john carlos version of what happened that night. The couple has straight up denied. This is how it went down. Is this couple someone that we know. Oh just wait the very next day john. Carlos says he gets another call. Becky and her husband wanna meet again. Boy yeah oh boy is right. Because becky is becky falwell. And her husband. The one with a voyeurism fetish. That's jerry falwell junior. Do you know who that is. Yeah he's the son of reverend. Jerry falwell senior right. Yup who was one of the most famous christian leaders in the country and in two thousand and twelve. Jerry junior is the president of the evangelical university. He founded this meeting with giancarlo. Rhonda is going to turn into much more than a meaningless affair. It'll lead to bad business deals accusations of blackmail and it'll end in a scandal that threatens to destroy the evangelical empire. Jerry's father built. There is so much going on there that should not be occurring and needs to be stopped he had no limits. He had no accountability. None i learned becky's not as innocent as you might want to believe. Subscribe to independent on apple. Podcasts amazon music or listen early an ad free by joining a wonderful plus in the wonder app day. Excited bro side. Yeah is the next live virtual dollop. We'll be doing another dollar with looped live. It'll be six. Pm pacific time we are doing. Another live virtual. These shows are crazy. They have a lot of like media in the videos and pictures. David does a great job and they've all been very fun so we want everyone to join us for what some people are calling the events of the decade. Arby's we've got the meets no no wrong. Copy day franck copy. This is for the yup. Just stick to what we're doing so may fourteenth loop live six. Pm pacific time. Join us again for another live virtual dollop. We've got the meats.

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