A highlight from So Where Does Bitcoin Go From Here?


Up Yesterday's podcast all about looking to type profits or not looking to tighten them and understanding. How an options around what to look for as we did say them come off and also that pace of information is thomas. It's something that if you have already had thinking about it and deal with it. You're going to have to and by jingo by george i hype is if it's has already have an doesn't resonate yesterday Distant future with massive profits there for you. What yesterday idea of the back end of that was to be open to short tries rob the day before which was a full of my. We were down seven percent on die down seven percent bain yesterday up percent and we not only erased all the losses from the day before the way one percent on talk as well so excellent the perfect dot com really the perfect because it has maintained holding that dilute trained in order. Now if we can push. I'm talking about bitcoin out. Three fifty nine thousand and seventy four will then the lows that we saw just yesterday will push on to become a higher low on that dialer trend now we already have one higher paps. A second could be in second at the two-day now has potential ohio. If we break up through that sixty full Sorry fifty seventy four. Then we have to die in a trend as well. I am locking. What what. I've seen guests that i was quite spectacular Why bitcoin ray bound. Now we don't have a great trend. We don't have fantastic soliciting on on any timeframe's really it is still somewhat a little bit confused looking and i'm definitely not in the physician right now where i'm going where off. It's not proven itself to me. He's yesterday's move of seven percent. Rod last twenty four hours that came out in a straight up. The diaper full six percent out of no way could very well other not all throughout the session. Do the same thing here in full back. I hope we got a very strong buying a very strong die of buying came in on bitcoin. Yes to love to save break. The high and push on thursday but the reality is for me at this moment in time i have not seen enough to really have made going way out. Radio rock and roll everything that was said in. Yesterday's podcast reminds valid. Heartfully many of you did do. You'll stop take on what you have. An you are more aware now of what you have where it is and what you're up or whatnot. That was the message was trying to portray bitcoin currently down one half percent fifty seven thousand three hundred not much going on and look at the time frames like the four hour would be very nice to kick on from here on the shorts says nebraska about fifty thousand would essentially loss with A minimal but i hire load on the four hour and that would be lovely then. It's a matter of getting through. That was i fifty nine seventy four sitting pretty sitting flat not much going if therion pushed in you'll time highs yesterday as well steady four hundred and sixty two dollars down to percents. Today it went through a period of pretty much messy volatility. When i'm looking at four hours four a dial two

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