The Powerful Difference School Nurses Make in Our Health with Rebecca Love & Robin Cogan

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And robin. Welcome so excited to be here. Yeah excited to have you guys here. We have a treat for all of you in the series but to begin with. I really wanna start off the series. By having rebecca and robin tell us a little bit about what inspires in healthcare. So take it away. Let's all you know. Thank you so much for having us to doing this series on sale. And i think we're my north star. Always leads me is that i'm just so inspired and empowered by the nurses and their movements really transform the future of healthcare and that i stepped forward and meet another nurse out there tackling a major healthcare problem at just to empowers and inspires more movement. Forward to see what more we can do to try to elevate and change the profession of healthcare lead through nursing leadership and innovation and and really excited to be here with. You really excited also to be on with robin. Because of bit incredible work that she has been doing on the school nurse side as kubat bear down on this country and we tried to reopen schools. So robin let me take a deep breath. I because there's a lot to unpack first of all such an admire rebecca's work and what i love most. About what rebecca does. She brings people together. She elevates nurses connects us. She celebrates nursing in all of its aspects and one of the most misunderstood aspects of nursing has been school nursing goal nursing has been misunderstood within our field so one of my biggest goals and i have to say. I'm i'm older. Now i'm looking towards. I'm not retiring yet. But i'm looking more at kind of the trajectory of my career. And i i'm thinking legacy right and what i was. What i want for my legacy. Is that if i was able to open the doors to people's minds and hearts about what school nurse israeli. Do then my job as well done

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