Mike Provance: Wine Business Talk With Colangelo & Partners


We're going to take a step down in the tier and talk about how to reach the consumer on how the combination of strategic targeted marketing n. Retail data can come together to allow retailers and brands to reach new customers so to kick things off. Tell us a little bit more about three by three. In how abel's wineries n retails to you sales data for marketing decisions. As you mentioned our business focuses on hyper targeting which means we're interested in how to reach consumers locally near the stores where they shop and help them find the right products to do that so we use our data sales data coming from the stores. We have collected through our network to build profiles of the shoppers. In that comes both from flavor profiling point of view of the products that are selling the baskets that are are being bought and the shoppers themselves and understanding believe sows the occasions. The things that motivate their shopping bidders got so can you take those two things together in order to allow wider retailers to more specifically target their marketing strategies to their end consumers. Louis both of those data sets Enable us to build or to triangulate in on. Who are the right. Shoppers for particular bottle of wine or particular spirit Particular particular products that the retailer wants to sell. We use that in couple that with a digital marketing strategy. Let's build the right audience. Target bed audience locally around the retailer and send them to the store so that we're getting foot traffic in the store. Getting traffic to the stores website getting stood traffic to to the brand's website to create that opportunity to shop.

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