Alex Taub on Digital Horse Racing


Our guys bang bang. I've got alex here with me. What's up man is going on. We're doing it in miami is. we're all right. What the hell is z. Said zette dot. Ron has taken over. The world is digital horse racing. Yes so i got into it about a month and a half ago all right. That scares everyone immediately when it's only six weeks but that's shown contacts. Yeah i've got. I got into about a month and a half almost two months ago Some like backstory. I've a friend drew drostan. His great guy runs a thing called red beard ventures and He tried to get me into. Mba top shot in like early will try to get into mba top shot like october november december time over the past year and that was only twenty of the and that was really early. That would've been a good time to get the shot. And then he was in miami actually at the end of the year beginning of beginning of january and december. And we're sitting down at some hotel and he's like showing me he's like. I just spent like fifteen hundred bucks. I bought his zion williamson cosmic hollow. Like one out of fifty. I might do. What are you doing like. Why are you spending just flushed. Fifteen hundred bucks toilet. And he's acknowledged. John moran i bought. This is vince. Carlos show all these like cosmic hollows whatever. I was like what's going on. He's like just by pack. Experience it to me about a week to buy a pack and when i did all this is really cool like the opening of it and Anyway flash forward about a month later. His portfolio is worth about over two million dollars on a graph thousand dollar investment.

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