Lewis Hamilton Wins Portuguese Grand Prix at Portimão


Right same. Portugal and lewis hamilton has claimed his ninety seven victory off the line. Valerie manage to hold him. Stop first place position and shortly afterwards. A safety car was born out. Because of contact tacked between the author amaze of kimmy reichen antonio gop nazi this resulted in front wing damage for be reichen that ultimately led to the end of his race. The safety car restart tests maintained. First place was peer to be caught off guard and lost his position to the zaphon however not long after hamilton whenever the overtake using the irs. I'm took back second place. A man went on the hunt for his teammate. And claimed the lead on lap twenty verstappen was the foster the top three to pit switching the highest with botas pitting straight afterwards bought bought tasks was not able to bring his up to speed quickly enough amber stopping attacked and grab second place in the moss few laps with hamilton dominating in the lead what has been decided to pitch again and have a show foster slab for stopping thought he had it until lap was deleted for exceeding track limits handing the extra point to bought ass saadia paris demonstrated his time management skills once again going fifty one laps before coming in his pit. Stop but those little more time to gain in this race however he did come home. People his best result since joining red bull another Drive from mannerist bringing Five off the starting the medium tires self and went on to claim that best of the response switching to the soft did not want nearly as welfare carlos sainz though he was clearly struggling in his ferrari and ended up dropping out with the points meanwhile following the disappointment of qualifying pay sixteen. Today was a today for daniel ricarda who managed to fight his way to p.

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