A highlight from Introducing Confronting: Columbine

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Head to head space dot com slash dr today. Hey listeners i'm amy over survivor of the columbine mass shooting and host of confronting columbine in the second season of the confronting series will tell the story of one of america's deadliest school shootings. It took place at my high school in colorado. Twelve students and one teacher were killed and another twenty one were injured. The columbine massacre was a pivotal event in america. First survivors like me. It was our real lives. I still live with the memories every single day. Was i really only killers hitlist. Would we ever recover from the trauma of being shot at the sounds of that gun fire. Why have the killers spawned copycats with false stories that have no basis in truth and what happens to teenagers who witnessed the worst in life when they become adults. Columbine was the day. America started to believe that school was no longer a safe place now. The kids at columbine are sending their own kids to high school and the trauma begins all over again. Take the journey with me. My classmates teachers the first responders and the others impacted by the shooting. You're about to hear a preview of confronting columbine while you're listening. Be sure to subscribe to confronting columbine on apple podcasts. Amazon or bench the entire series right now an ad free when you subscribe to one degree plus in the app second semester freshman year. I remember meeting everyone in the cafeteria for lunch there. We were at the table. For whatever reason when i got there that day my while it was not my pants but i got some money. I'm going to get a soda. So i remember lancet. Let's get out of here. He wanted to go to columbus park. And i said all right. Let's go. i remember talking. Dan into it because same scenario. Dan didn't have money for whatever reason. So we're out of three last. None of us brought our wallets. Get the hell out of here. Yeah so i was already worked up. Because i had that test following and i knew i had to get an a. on it so i was a little worked up about it. But that's in my head and so we had the vending machines. Dan got his his usual Milky way out of the machine. And i got a cherry pepsi which that'll be the last time everybody cherry pepsi ever. But he got dan in lance. They got their bags. And we hit the vending machine. And we're out and that's when we came around that corner and i don't know if you remember but they had that chain link fence right outside that door so we go up and around walking around that chain link fence instead of staying on the sidewalk going up the steps that are ford nicely in concrete i think lance was the only one that really stayed on that. Dan immediately started off under the dirt. And i think i was heading in the dirt myself so i was gonna walk up the hill with them apart. Yeah and then. They were up at top of that hill. That sidewalk goes into that That other entrance top and we were not so. That's when we saw him. They had duffle bags at the feet. And i remember standing there. Standing there with all black got through jackets. Kinda halfway unbuttoned open. And then that's when. I started seeing magazines coming out and so they're low enough. They had that look confusion like they're looking at each other like at home right while most people think of columbine as a mass shooting it wasn't the killers original plan. They had made dozens of bombs with the intention a blowing up their classmates teachers bombs were set to go off during the first lunch period when they were the most students in the cafeteria. Eleven fifteen in the morning. The perpetrators planted two duffle bags with propane bombs surrounded shrapnel. They were placed near beams. That would have brought the second floor down and incinerated anyone who was there for lunch. The killers had him the bombs between class periods and then met up outside the school ready to shoot down survivors. Who made it out. Despite months of bomb-making practice the bombs failed. The guns only came out when they realized the bombs didn't work they're gonna blow up. The comments and those bombs were supposed to go off and the series. I'm just wipe out entire comments and that twenty pound bomb when taken out that corner which would have in theory drop the library into the comments. We have these sidebar conversations like what are we watching. Something doesn't look like oh it's got to be the senior relation game that we've been hearing about. None of us had details so that we're playing that game. It was like a nerf war game. Basically last men standing last man standing in bragging rights we get to see what the hell this game's about and for watching them load and maybe they're going to go down that hallway shoots it with the paintball. Let's go see this now. We got something to watch. That's when magazine was an chambered and that's when the popping start and they unloaded towards building out of line aside from us.

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