Interview With Sravan Kasarla, Chief Data Officer of Thrivent


I am so thrilled to have as our guest today. Shrove on cassara. Who was the chief. Data officer at thriving financial will give us some insights into ai in the finance financial services industry so high trauma and thank you so much for joining us on today. Thank you nice to me on the podcast. Happy to go through. And she of my experiences in journey in how data and i have been changing world and have already been changing but it will be in the future. Yeah we're so excited to have you on for our listeners. Who were able to attend our data for ai. Conference back in september twenty twenty. We had you on a panel as well. So we're excited to get you back on the podcast. I am updates and additional insights. So we'd like to start by first having introduce yourself to our listeners. Tell them a little bit about your background. And your current role at thrive in financial again. I've been a data guy for the last twenty five years. So that's that's what i being amicably. But my goal of ada. Woody data managing the data Designing it s. all the. It's being impact of business outcomes. Business committed piece to what we used to be calling analytics before on what he now started calling modify and also machine learning. This is always. My journey has been to enable so biggest focus of mine. A expedients have been financial services over the last two holidays last for fifteen years. But i grew more in a consulting world obeyed ahead an opportunity to really learn how how is offense. Analytics and data to the business elite right the business not only operated businesses but also help understand bid the business that headed in the consulting world than e commerce and the deer by journey has taken me to g moldy g insurance arm off the ge to mass mutual financial. There's there's been the biggest impact of that i could I cannot recall

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