Can teaching your children sign language can help language learning?


I'm surprised that attachment experts and people that are really You know enthusiastic. I won't say into but you know attachment. I'm they wouldn't have brought this up and said wait a minute. Debate one of the best ways that we can increase attachment in up for kids and their parents would be to teach them to sign. Then the other thing is as far as learning other languages in the future me say your child wants to learn spanish in fourth grade or french or latin. Like i did. It's gotta be so much easier for them because they know how to work different parts of their brain time. They'll both of my kids. I haven't even mentioned this to you. That's what i'm saying. We're on the same wavelength. Both of my kids are well. I i'm trying to get them trilingual and so sign is they know the least amount of words but they are a hundred percent bilingual english and spanish. You could talk to them all day in spanish and not say one and their three or two and three you can letters goalie bonian lebedeva or just as i was getting london from the park. I was talking to her in spanish in saint northstar stormy indo. Why are you not sleeping right now. Let's go given the call sign and schilling george inner mixes. She will one hundred percent. She'll say grass on Oh my gosh. She said the other day she said Coma safety say like she was asking me. How do you say Gosh she say she said komo's ad say word in spanish amit was wild and then she asked the sentence in spanish so she was just wondering we weren't even speaking in spanish. Yup is she is she was on yet. But i promise you sign. Language is the reason that she has blown through her milestones. At one year she was she could do such a nerd journaling every month of other things or whatever so they can read back on it. I actually made them a g mail account and i like email them emails so that one day they can read stuff that i like sent to them on. That's my mom again. Jama color jama grant jan and grandma jam telling me to do that so we did that but say gosh. Where was i going with that and we were talking about. You want trilingual hocken about the ease that you Create for your kids in learning third and fourth language. If at early age they've learned to yes and i. It's it's it's very true. Yeah i am telling you. Oh we asked that was her. It was at her pediatrician appointment for her one year. They're like you know. Kimchi say three to five words. And i might jan which language and they were like what she knows. English sign in spanish. And i'm like teller. London like lima one year old. My one year old was. I'm like come on. You know it's hard because you know kids if they're not always going to do what you want especially that kind of clam up at the doctor's office but she was like we're not leaving here until she says a word all these languages than being on like london you know. Show us milk show as eater. Whatever she could say a couple words in spanish Probably like five six in spanish probably ten in english as a one year old. Now that's different. I was wild pick. I mean my pediatrician. Just couldn't believe her eyes but my son wasn't like that so it's not like they had the same upbringing in the same house. That totally proves every kid is different. Like my son could not do that. Yeah i actually am not. That's not unusual that you know girls. Language progresses more quickly than it has nothing to do with intelligence. It's just it's you know who they

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