Dr Chris, Lin Manuel Miranda And President Biden discussed on The Boxer Show


For pets and hip hop musical about Anderson Cooper starring Lin Manuel Miranda, the SNL Weekend update over the weekend, by the way, like a breath of fresh air that it was refreshing to hear the pendulum switch a little bit and knock on the other side, and not just Those that are conservative for once, by the way, President Biden's $1.9 Trillion covert relief bill arriving in the Senate today. That measure does not include a $15 an hour wage boost. The bill passed the house along with party lines over the weekend, but with all the opposition it's probably going to say our face in the Senate. It looks like that's all going to be broken down. There's not anyone is probably gonna be a separate thing at this point. Also, Johnson and Johnson vaccine is on this way. It's being shipped as we speak. We'll have more with Dr Chris told Oh, from Ohio Health coming up at 8, 35, or, more specifically, a couple of Questions from listeners over the weekend, and I completely understand the sensitivity of the materials in these vaccines, So we're going to debunk some of these. And one of the biggest questions I got over the weekend was when you talk to Dr Chris told Oh, right, And can you ask him about some of the things that we keep hearing about fetal tissue that is being used and So we're going to debunk all of that for you and get you the proper information. If there's anyone you can trust on this, it is Dr Joseph Castaldo from Ohio Health and by the way, and a great piece in Columbus CEO over the weekend. He's also in some new Ohio health commercials that you can see right now with the state of Ohio. But all of that coming up at 8 35 a news radio 6 10 W. T V and And last night, the Golden Globes. No man Land and the crown were among the big winners last night at the 17th annual Golden Globes Right now we check in with Johnny Hill. Traffic and weather together from temp start heating and cooling products. Here's Johnny Come of late problems, one of them blocking the left lanes of 3 15 south between CA near and the 6 70 exit. You got a semi And another and a passenger vehicle involved here. State of the far right to get by. E. M S is on scene and again watch for delays south of kidney, a road south of Ohio State. Another accident scene looks like a cargo truck may have overturned. On to 70 west, near the entrance from Alan Creek Drive North and that Alan, Quick Drive North entrance 2 to 70 West may be blocked off completely. Medics are headed to this scene as well. When he used to 70 east of 33 come back westbound or come down south bound Alan Creek onto to 70 West as your detour

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