A highlight from Episode 66 - GUEST Eric Meier and Jason Williams - The Not Ok Project and Fruit Punter


Spivey special podcast. The route sixty six. We made it. I didn't think we were making it. This far they sent me would make sixty five last week. I thought we'd have to stop and re pave the road or something. I will get a fun one this weekend. We've gotta we've got eric and jason from the not okay project this week. Welcome to the show guest. The old friend of a friend of a friend of a neighbor. They wanted to join us and kind of get their message out so he said why not. Let's do it. We played a little six degrees of kevin bacon and it was like one degree. It's crazy. how small world right. So let's get to know them a little bit. You wanna go right in to get to know your guest. Let's do the spivey. Brothers are always here but who is joining them today. Who is who is sit back. And let's find out together with get to know your guest all right. We have got our guests. We're gonna start with eric. Tell us a little bit about yourself. So i am thirty two years old. I'm a father of two husband to an amazing wife. Currently i work in rescuing a sex trafficking for an organization called aim. I was formerly a deputy for the past ten years. That kind of sheriff. And now just chugging along london life working with this project for the not okay project which we found it a few years ago and just loving every minute i mean. I'm simple dude not much more than that. That's awesome jason. Your bat and cleanup tells him a little bit about yourself. A little older than eric. Thirty six Father of two boys When correction officer up at folsom and Not married. But i've got an amazing woman in my life on six years and Heard about this projects graciously. Eric brought me on and i love. We do and look how would provide back to others. So here i am so we're gonna find out a whole bunch about your guys is nonprofit and everything you do but we're gonna do this special way is we. Don't jump right in like that. We're going to get you guys warmed up a little bit. Got troy questions to get. You warmed up. I don't know if you guys have been on a podcast for is that we introduced by guest. We've heard and you know. Look it up from hardback. Let's do this all right. So you guys cope all right. You guys are in captivity. What zoo animal would you guys like to be. I'm going to go with the lion mainly just because lying kings. My favorite movie You get me in a corner about world war. I don't know that much about it. Looks nice little main in. that's about it. I don't know. I think of myself as a lion. King the king of the brain like a symbol roar like move fossil roar. More like mustafa wanna hear you wanna hear. It is sad movie la. The dad's always recent. Do hamlet try. That's how the story that sucks. My son's favorite is scar right now. It's all i hear right concha eric. I would have to say a rhino. Because they're extremely protective for their family. They look pretty awesome. They have a robust syndrome Cynical or body and large head and relatively short legs which pretty much spot on to me. I can relate with them really well like that. He did his homework he even wrote it down. He's way more prepared than where i mean. I could look at you. And say. Look like a rhino owens for us all right of the two of you. Which one's gonna win in an arm wrestling match things that once all let him take down hands down the line for sure said eric's hands gonna be down or like hands down. You're going to end his hands when them.

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