The Launch Of The Jamal Journal IN Philadelphia


Knew. Newspaper has hit the streets in philadelphia dedicated to the liberation of the nation's best known political prisoner. Mia abu jamal pam. Africa is coordinator of international concern. Family and friends of mumia abu-jamal. She wants folks to sign a petition in the newspaper. Demanding that philadelphia district attorney stop standing in the way of abu jamal's freedom. We do have the first edition of jamal journal in the nineties. Me and mia did. His newspaper to jamal. Journal was four of information is very first newspaper. That we're putting out is geared to what is happening to me. Now all the evidence and i just got a call from romania and his wife one thing will be a does do. He never complains about his sickness. Always usually find that out for someone else but he called me to let me know that. He believes that he had cold and he had went to the doctors up there and they were telling him no he. Don't they know he said his breed is bad and he said it feels like elephant is something sitting on his lungs. So you know. I'm asking people really to step up the work. Mia the district attorney here in philadelphia. They deblum is guilty. There's absolutely no evidence to show any judicial or prosecutorial misconduct case which is a blatant lie. Attorney in philadelphia. Mike record has went on record and stated very clearly that you know in his investigations moon is not only innocent. He's factually innocent. But what we have to use a conspiracy to commit cold blooded premeditated murder and they want us to sit down. Shut up and act like these fax is in hatton so he ate cranston who said there is no evidence of movie not having a fair trial in our journal. You see that. The key witness mr shelbert and who was a cab driver who said that he was missing. He what happened he said did move me. Shocked peace officer faulkner. He said several times in he kept missing missing. Shoot me at first but photographer by the name of polar cough was orange seen that night before. A lot of the peace officers got there and he took pictures men washington and another journalist. Linda got the picture some cough and the picture show clear was not in the ground at all showing the lie that the da is repeated. Today it's nothing but a lot the. Da have evidence that they beat lumia in our lady who was looking out her window. She says she saw when he ran his head into a poll. Busting it wide open. He was don't he was kicked with those steel toed routes kicked on his side and he was also shot so when they brought him into the hospital of course he couldn't stand up and he couldn't walk and they didn't just layton on the emergency room floor. They dropped him down on the floor where people come. In on those treads and to dr. See the moon. You could not speak above a whisper. He had to get right down to them to hear what it was he was saying. The police say their move was shouting and screaming. Yes i shot the mother. And i hope he does the best one. They claim that they have all the evidence be turned in some evidence a couple of years ago. They found six boxes. There had evidence that hasn't been seen so now near saying they have all the evidence. But i remembered on the night of december ninth which was in the winter moon into his wife. Had these one piece no sense. And that's what he was wearing that night so they say their balloon was shot at faulkner several times before the fatal blow and then they say that they forgot to take the tests showing that he had actually shot a gun. But when you shoot a gun is not only on your hands. But it's on your cloudy mummies clothing has disappeared. Some talk about you. Guess you prosecutorial and police misconduct. I'm talking about police. Abuse of a witness of person that they had knocked up right now moving and needs our help to rise up and jamal journal is online brek agenda. Look at that. Information is very pertinent. They dammed the kill mea three times during the time he had potato see and it was treating him for something else and dawn the died but was the power the people who brought them back we need sane power right now to put pressure on the department of corrections and also on. Da crash now who lied and said there was no evidence

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