A highlight from Popup about Popups with Popups? (Feat JGYSZN)


Your claritin benadryl. You natural be honey. Whatever it is that you do to block those antihistamines. Give those antihistamines. I need you to get on it because there is nothing like having a bad sneeze in this age of the corona virus. Oh my god. Oh my god last night exactly. Last night. i went to a very interesting event. I sneezed into my armpit dab style. Like supposed to okay. I learned my lessons grace right right. Make sure you paid amigos migos. I sneezed into my arm and three people immediately moved around me. And i'm not gonna lie cause another person cough behind me and i moved as well so i understand what's going on To repeat the sentiments midst of john. Oliver wash hands. And don't be racist though. You know two separate rules that we can help give to the situation. But i think more than that. I wanna talk about this very interesting. That i went to last night last night. I went to a pop up about pop. Ups with pop. Ups sponsored by a developing company like a developer like a commercial developer. These people who build these big high-rises that people own these big ass. Cranes who are constantly changing the landscape Physically and cultural the right for sponsored papa. A pop up about starting and sustaining pop-ups that featured a panel of poppers. Right cr pop up into the pop up and there was a pop-up conversation. So just you just you know. I didn't know about this event on natural situation. My friend who works for it so far which is one of the most famous pop up situations happening in the world right now. She invited me to this event sponsored by no kings uli which is a direct subsidiary of i think bg which is the second and third biggest developer. Here in dc and a couple of things kind of stood up stood out to me. Even before i went to the conversation so me being you know the person i am. I'm wondering why would a developer. Oh why would a developer sponsor pop ups right so it got me to thinking in. It took me to a place that i went to on saturday night saturday night. I was watching saturday night. Live and it was Hosted by john mullany. One of my favorite white guys and the musical guest was david byrne so me and the lady will watch and david byrne scott. These suits on very avant garde performance situation. No shoes and i'm thinking to myself man. Snl must be really given this new due to shot. 'cause like i have never seen nothing like this before. So i'm i'm watching. Snl and twitter at the same time. And i'm realizing nobody's having the reaction of like oh. This is some new shit happening. So i go to my google turns out this david bard motherfuckers the rock and roll hall of fame so i was the dumb ass right so this is what. I'm getting to alexia. So i walk into this room last night pop up about pop-ups with pop ups sponsored by a developer and the room was ninety percent white. Just be honest with you. In a in a city that's been traditionally black offense. David byrne they were all new wave. Okay i learned something new all right They were all fans of the david byrne percent white all asking very just be an honest with very honest and upfront and transparent questions about the booming retail industry as it pertains to new business to starting where these big developments happening with these multimillion dollar billion dollar developments are happening these developments. That are of course. Like i said before shaping the cultural landscape of the city right in my life that's called judge affiliation were outwit. That's just called starting a pop up. I called myself the dumb ass in the situation. Because i don't maybe maybe because i'm black i don't really know this is is supposed to be mysterious. It's supposed to be like a. What's it called like a secret. Plot is a justification of conspiracy theory last night. This answer became vividly bright to me. No justification is not a mysterious nefarious thing. That is happening underneath the current. But into something that these developers were literally teaching people how to displace and the way they talked about displacement the way they talked about. Martha's martha's outfitter right here on fourteenth street. How no kings was. They were to come in. Take a property that was quote unquote undervalued act as a Oh goodness conduit. Between the low income demographic that was served in the luxury income that was deserved to act like. That's not the thursday after 'accessing undervalue property. The next thing is marketing. A new name and new fakes put up. It's is frustrated. I was frustrated. I was sitting in his room. And of course you know me. I'm sitting there bubbling. I'm gary. I'm gary to get up on the table. I'm about this dr table. 'cause i just could not understand how so casually these people could talk about. How they moved into a place was so cool. They saw the art. That was around. Him was so cool and they willingly participated volunteered in invested in displacing people. Intentionally i remember. This is a room full of white people. Everyone remember the setting so room full of white people's gray stand upgrade to shake the table at this point. My black ass is turning purple right so before i could do that. It was a nice young gentleman behind me. Want to give him his shout outs don't know his name is nice. Gentleman had a curly mustache. He stood up and he was very passionate about being displaced he himself at artists that dude who paints who had painted the building and then that building didn't even have the appropriate risk for him to live in. He felt a personal angst towards this whole conversation. And i fell to and he won the whole room over with empathy. Everybody was like oh my goodness also bad now. No new ways. Why folks new age y oh. We felt so bad to black plight. The brown people of color polite. We feel so bad but then the moderate didn't want to answer the damn question. Come on son get so upset. Alexia leiderman make me figure this shit out but defected. I was invited to pop up about pop-ups with pop ups so casually about displacement and there was more than ten black people in the room to represent a coach. Oh my god what is going on in chocolate city that i'm sorry episode real real real real upset because i just i just couldn't it just don't we want to thank you all for listening to the over soda podcast. This is your chance to eat drawing. I think we're gonna have four professional creatives as we discuss the ups and downs. Inspirations of the creative industries your host today my man were me your man. Two hundred grand beam. O'brien what's up to my left walked in the building. He isn't he he just listened to this whole situation. We have a very special friend of the show. Mr gygi by

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