Douglas Stuart Reads Kevin Barry


Stuart whose first novel shaggy bain one booker prize in two thousand and twenty. Hi douglas debra. How are you. I'm alright welcome when we talked about doing this. You had originally been inclined to choose a scottish story to read on the podcast but in the end you settled on an irish one. Do you think that the two traditions are interlocked. The certainly have a very close relationship. But even in reading the kevin body still here realized how much of the pronunciation and the expressions weren't familiar to my ear and so although the close they are quite different in terms of This story it feels a little like a fairy tale in a sense. I mean it has that sort of fable like quality to it. And i feel so it may work in a tradition of irish fables. To what you think you think it's certainly in that tradition of irish oto storytelling. It starts off with You know the narrator. Saying so. I bought an old hotel in the fjord of killary and just the way he brings you into the story. You have a sense that not only as a fable but it's the type of story we would pass around in pubs and from most both and that i think is the irish tradition and certainly the scottish tradition. Because sometimes when we don't find ourselves in literature it doesn't mean we're not natural-born storytellers and those oral stories. Don't always get written down. That is absolutely true here. And i think that's part of the charm of this is just the mixture of these canisters. When you see it almost feels quite other-worldly at times. And i chose the story because first of all it's just totally entertaining but also because it made me nostalgic for a time when we could gather and and be together without thinking about the consequences about the weight that comes with with those gatherings. Yeah yeah having scenes in a in a pub with everyone talking it feels like another world. That's true did you read the story when it first came out in two thousand ten. I didn't actually. I was led to kevin body short stories. Because norma s- fan of his novel night bhutan. Jere and i was thinking about what i wanted to read. I love kevin. Barry and i was actually surprised to see. He has published many stories in the new yorker. Yeah the first one. I believe and Do you think that this one sort of fits in with his general themes it. Does i find him always writing about masculinity especially men on the margins. But what's interesting about this is. There's an absence of hard man or criminals or Petty gangsters that he often populate has novels these other short stories. These are just people who are gathering together in a pub And there's a poet at the heart of it. We'll talk some more after the story. And now here's douglas stuart reading fjord of killary by so i bought an old hotel on the fjord of killary. It was set hard by the harbour wall with moody amount across the water and disgracefully gray skies above. It rained two hundred. Eighty seven days of the year and the locals were given to magnificent mood swings on the night in question. The rain was particularly violent. It came down. Like handfuls of neal's flung hard and fast by a cd asli royal sky. God i was at this point eight months in the place and about convinced that it would be the death of me. It's end to the fucking world stuff out there. I said the quotas of locals and the hotels lounge bar as always ignored me. I was a fruitful blue in by their mark and simply not cut out for tough gnarly west of ireland. Living there were listening instead to jon murphy or alcoholic funeral director. Albury anything that fucking moves. He said bastards suicides tinkers. He said i couldn't give a fuck monkeys he said. Maria is the most depressing mountain you've ever seen by the way and it's gone looming shape filled almost every view from the water's edge hotel. The loans bars included the locals drank. Mostly bushmills whiskey and guinness stout and they drank them to great excess. I wiped they're slobs from the counter. With the bar cloth i had come to hate with a passion verging on the insane. I said but seriously that's one motherfucker of a high tide. No barely the toss of a glance received the talk had shifted to roads mileage general directions. They made a geography of the country by the naming of pubs. Do you know madigan's in maynooth i do. Of course you take a left there. Have you not the hotel had twenty. Three bedrooms enlisted westward set the can appease on the floor of just about any bedroom and it would roll slowly in the direction of the gibbons atlantic. The estate agent had gussied up the history of the place in the brochure. A traditional coaching in original beams visited by

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