German said a little bit of half time. Um, we have to remember. Even


Been hard put on this for a few weeks now that there were these Oakland jerseys. Ah, little bit too much like an awful lot. It was funny also is this weekend they were talking. I think it was that yesterday. Or maybe it was Friday, the five year anniversary of the Steph Curry Bang three pointer against Oklahoma City where Draymond Green said Postgame? Yes, that dagger them boys and anyway. They were reflecting on that. And when they showed the highlights of that game I look in. There were those black sleeved jerseys was like 41 of the greatest moments in Steph Curry's career, and they're wearing these terrible Younis. Last night they were wearing the Oakland Old School Warrior jerseys yet again for Oh, eight on the Cache Creek Texel in checks in and says, I'm done seeing those jerseys. We believe nostalgia was nice for minute but watching them get hammered by the Lakers while we're in those jerseys sent me to a dark place. Yeah, it was my whole childhood rocket. Those jerseys. And taken blowout losses like last night to the Lakers games like last night that were played at what would have been called

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