David. This was first reported by the Washington Post.


Expire in mid March. Nancy. Thank you. At the conservative political action conference in Orlando Over the weekend, former President Trump was clear. He will not start a new political party to make an end run around his grand old party. He drops strong hands, he might like to run for president again. There was Some interest also and Ron Dissent is the governor of Florida and the governor of South Dakota, Christy Nome, and Trump is still very good at raising money marketplaces. Kimberly Adams has that Former president Trump never stopped raising money. First, he pulled in cash from donors to fight his election loss. And since then, Trump launched a leadership PAC that raised over $30 million in just a matter of months. Carl Evers Hellstrom monitors money in politics for open secrets dot org's and he says politicians and groups who align themselves with Trump are benefiting as well. The Republican Party is increasingly reliant on trumped,

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