Nurse County and really across state of Texas should be outraged by what Judge Hidalgo Mary Turner doing now. Clearly, if you look at the zip codes that we're talking about. Not only is the vaccination program targeted based on race, but it's also partisan. It's Jared would fill of the conservative Republicans of Texas. Who says, Can you imagine if Republicans did the same thing and they were to choose River Oaks are memorial or Tanglewood as the targeted zip codes that got to go first in line, the whole city and the county and the state would be an an uproar. The whole country would be in an uproar. Well. Mary Turner declined a request for an interview, but in a statement said the ZIP codes are areas with the people that are the most vulnerable. Okay? Yes, sir. Prerogative. I got the money from the feds your taxpayer dollars and they're going to do it the way they want to. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has headed it rolling back some of these covert restrictions with our numbers going down. Among states have already done so by the way, Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri and Florida, Arkansas lifting almost all of its restrictions. I would did lift all covered restrictions on February 5th. New covered vaccine that Johnson and Johnson druggie got final approval from the FDA yesterday. Texas expecting about 200,000 doses of that this week, Mork coming Citing limited access to testing opportunities Now the University of Texas at Austin Suspending Shh and a CT test requirements for entry into the University of Texas for fall, 2022. Our news time. 7 34 President Trump back on stage and I was a crowded CPAC Yesterday He took aim, of course at the Biden administration bragging about the

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