21 Republican governors attack Biden's COVID-19 stimulus bill for 'penalizing' their states


Taking aim at one component of the covert 19 relief bill, arguing that a proposed allocation of money does punish those states that did not full Lockdown businesses during the height of the pandemic. The governor's led by South Carolina's Republican governor, Henrique Master issue a statement that criticizes what they call a biased formula used to decide how much money in direct aid each state receives. The Democrat who joined that list is Kansas governor Laura Kelly. The American rescue plan does propose $350 billion in direct a two state and city governments money that would be used to replenish those tax revenue collections that decline during the pandemic. Now he Here's the issue. Most of the funding for each state would be based on its unemployment figures, not overall population, so states were the most citizens were out of work last year would receive a greater share of money. Meanwhile, on the Senate floor Republican leader

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