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Out there today. It is absolutely gorgeous. I just wish that said, would warm us up a little bit. The good news is the winds will continue to die. Indiana's We head through the afternoon, but temperatures only in the low to mid forties for daytime highs. Today, our average temperature Right around 50 degrees, now heading into the overnight. Those temperatures fall into the twenties and low thirties and then we are right back into the mid to upper fifties to near 60 degrees tomorrow. Tomorrow is gonna be absolutely beautiful and fairly mild as we head into Thursday. The wind picks up again little breezy on Thursday, but temperatures still around 50 Plenty of sunshine. It won't be that bad Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We continuous sunny skies in that temperatures right around normal at 50 degrees. It's like sunshine could continue into early next week. I'm starving for meteorologists warn rickets. And

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