Future UConn Star Azzi Fudd is Unbreakable

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Katy. Barnes is an award winning journalist for espn and espn w whose cover story on as fudd is up on. Espn dot com so katie. You're here today to talk about the number. One women's high school basketball player in the entire country. Easy fudd earn you that distinction. She has a resume that speaks for itself including multiple gold medals for usa basketball. She's a shooter. She's a score. She's the best player in the country. A couple of she was actually the youngest on. The team is playing up by a couple of years even in usa basketball which is a step ahead of just. You're running the middle. What a future. This young lady has in front of her. She is the only sophomore to ever win on gatorade national player of the year for basketball. And you know. She has just dominated in one of the hottest regions of women's basketball development. And that's the dmv shock. I don't and so easy is just truly one of the best prospects seen in a while. The term generational prospect. It gets thrown around in sports. You use it deliberately though. And i want to help show our listeners. Why exactly she deserves that level of acclaim. How is she made her mark on the basketball world. it cannot be understated. The amount to which is plugged in to the greater basketball world. Choose one of the first. Two girls attend steph. Curry's camp along with cameron brink has her on the radar and the writer and person so your play and she denied this obviously and she actually has been there twice and she won the contest the first time and then she did it again while being injured and for three point contest she has the ball and she's just surgically his shot after shot after. Shot this dog these guys. it was I feel the energy curry hands. The trophy and it becomes clear that then she actually has to shoot against him and she does not beat steph. Curry of that's not really part of the cinderella story. I suppose but he did become one of her biggest fans in that. She wasn't intimidated to shoot against him. And actually after she lost like wanted a rematch. She's a big washington mystics fan and she talks about going to a game against the aces just sitting courtside and kelsey plum game is he really admires came over and said hey i love your game. This is a high school kit being talked to by professional basketball player and be recognized in that way to me. That just really spoke to the level of anticipation of expectation end of greatness. Frankly that easy has already demonstrated as such a young age.

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