5th Week Grades: Check One, Check Two


We're gonna talk about tits today and also tools for students are looking at those fifth week grades and perhaps want to improve them because it's also about some students are at. They're not worried about failing the class. They just wanna do better. You know so if you have a c. or b. or i don't know against mine. Is anyone do better. This is a great time to step back. Regroup think about tips think about approaches. Think about tools and resources. So we're gonna remind students of some of those resources and i also want to Remind students that we have about fifty grades in prior semesters and so you can definitely go to website for the podcast. Look at some of those previous episodes as well but for today. What our top tips for today. at the fifth grade period near the first one that comes to mind for me is to if you have one of those days. You're not happy with it. Even is that a minus. You want to go see your professor's office hours. All of them have them even they might point mate you may have to call or email whatever it may be soccer. The professor rally in five weeks out of the longest semester. So don't stress out too much. There's still time to get together so the first step is talk to you. Talk to your professor out Assignments you redo possible. Figure out what you need to do better. Even if you can't reveal assignments they made the feedback unless they outright. The next paper better How to show your work. Bet on your mets so talk to your professor. That's that's definitely the first two becomes absolutely and that's the first tip always in forever whether it's a pandemic are if you have any question about what's happening in the class. Your professor instructor are the best place to start. So that's tip number one. If you if you have a great that you would like to improve taty professor absolutely so the second tip that we had talked about is an extension of our last episode with dr bert wail regardless of what gray says this is a time to check in say. Well what can i do in my life to help support my in class in one of the best things you can do is make sure you're getting enough sleep. Number two is getting enough sleep. Yes leap as docker solution's very far more important than utilize it even as young people because we are young. We think that. Oh i can sleep for three hours for hours in still be able to function and yes you may be able to give up and go on about today. But they couldn't. It's not going to be expert. Doug as it could be more sleep. I'm eager to get all of your scientists done during the day. That's our sleep. You'll probably not donna's best as you could have know. Still make good grades. You could have done better at that. This sleep also arguments health Not classy is there. Especially since weeks. Because i know for myself maybe made his administration. Ma'am you can weigh in this. This week has been about sing. got to sleep absolutely. I totally agree. An finally beginning to feel the effects and that is more monotonous than than usual. Usually when you're going to the canvas and you're meeting new people in your state you know. There's a different combination of people you see. Every day is a little less monotonous. But when ron zoo and it's the same process every day you know it can't be fatiguing. Actually it sort of like even though we're sitting here not moving around sometimes that can make you feel more tired as well and that's why sleep regular sleep. A good amount asleep is really important so absolutely l. n. also another point. I wanted to make about sleep is yes when you're in college. This is the stereotype. Is that you do. You know you stay up late and have all nighters and you study. But you're also laying the foundation for good habits for the rest of your career for example and so this is a good time to figure out. How much do i need that. I can wake up refreshed. be Best cells whether you're studying or working you know having sleep also Were creative that helps your brain to remember things better in so you can. If let's say you're able to perform really well right now. In this environment is age. You also want to thank ten years from now. May not recover as wales. So i can start the habits that will benefit need further for the other stages in my life so go ahead and start practicing getting that good sleep because it's going to benefit you not just now. I'm glad you brought it very important like what we're doing. A framework for later. So when i was a when campus was more so open houses. That were a little thirty. I might as well get up and get my day star. Maliki wabi dress up every day. Because i wanna start the habit of what i need for my future because i know too. Many students less got hired the next day after graduation. You're in a culture shock because you don't allow their clothes because you were just relaxing. There's nothing necessarily wrong but just like you said this lead we gotta start paracel superior in making those practices of normal thing for

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