Duke has a COVID-19 positive, is eliminated from ACC tournament


Duke has been removed from the acc tournament because of a positive covid nineteen tests within the program. The blue devils were scheduled to play. Florida state on thursday night they were only four point underdogs so it was a winnable game in an opportunity to keep their ncaa tournament hopes alive. But now will not happen. Florida state advances duke goes home and given that duke remained significantly on the wrong side of the bubble. We now know that coach k. Will not be in the ncaa tournament for the first time since one thousand nine hundred ninety five dukes run of twenty four straight ncaa tournament. Appearances is over its unofficial for now but it will become official sunday. Dead-leg your thoughts. Well the timing is obviously wild right perish. It's march eleventh. Year ago march eleventh. When the rudy gobert stuff happened. You know by no means. Am i saying his repeating itself. It obviously isn't although it has been interesting to see how the reaction to this has caused a little bit of freak out. I want to remind people that this is duke. Is now the sixth team to have this happen to them. This is not the first time a team. This month has been knocked out of its conference tournament because of covid positive There have been others And so because it's too can because it's a it's a conference tournament and it's march eleventh. People are freaking out just a little bit given the given the air but a source confirmed to me that this was duke's first positive in its coaches and players periods since the pandemic began they had not had a positive the entire season. Preseason offseason anything I had a source told me it was a player who do not play against louisville with all this concern then drifts to well as louisville an potentially you know in some uncertainty to a small degree. But really that's not the expectation here Louisville which has quite an interesting bubble case. Oh by the way it's going to get in but that resumes week We'll see You know what happens there. But there's no reason to believe that louisville should be jeopardy from an eligibility standpoint because of what happened with duke

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