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Is out the door. Robots closed its first day of trading as a public company at sixty nine dollars. Fifty cents valuing the company at thirty eight point two six billion dollars quoting cnbc. Shares began trading at sixty four dollars. Fifty cents which represented a forty three percent increase from a private financing round just in january when the company sold shares for forty five dollars the reference price on tuesday of forty five dollars though no stock changed hands at those levels. The reference price tends to reflect private market trading and does not indicate where a stock will open road blocks hits the market coming off an explosive year of growth primarily from kids who were stuck at home because covid nineteen forced schools to close and sports leagues to shutdown within roadblocks which is one of the top grossing apps on apple and google devices users create. Avatars that they can move between the millions of games on the service navigating theme parks adopting virtual pets and fighting enemies with their friends. Revenue last year jumped eighty two percent to nine hundred and twenty three point. Nine million dollars still relaxes. Net loss widened to two hundred and fifty three point. Three million dollars from seventy one million dollars in two thousand nineteen as the company almost triple. The amount of money paid to develop through its revenue sharing program more than twelve hundred and fifty developers made at least ten thousand dollars last year through virtual sales in their roadblocks games and quote. Now i've said before that in the universe of unicorns among the companies investors. I'm friendly with our most. Enthused about roadblock has been at the top of that list the yardstick i'm using here to measure the level of investor. Excitement is basically when i hear investors. Say something like damn it. I wish i had gotten in early on that company. Roadblocks has been the name most mentioned in that context for about a year. Now the other one by the way is stripe which people have foam mode on forever but over the last year the frenzy around fintech has reached a fever. pitch so stripe has become the company. Everyone's still wishes they were in on early or still wants to get in on now if they can anyway back to roadblocks. You don't have to take my word for it in terms of people's excitement around this company. Here's ben thompson describing how by bringing disparate parts of gaming into one place. Roadblocks is basically created the conditions for interlocking feedback loops. That are very exciting. Quote by controlling. Everything roadblocks can bring all of the disparate parts of gaming into one place instead of one app for social interactions another app for purchases and a different app for every different game. Everything is all in the same place. This also makes roadblocks easier to develop for by constraining graphics to a consistent toolbox. It's very easy to build something new. This creates the conditions for the interlocking feedback loops that characterize transformational products by reducing the prominence and feature set of games. Roadblocks made it possible to create something. Bigger a micro verse. This actually fits the pattern of other transformational products. The feed for instance relies on reducing all types of content from post to photos to links to the same format such that they can all be incorporated into a greater whole. It's a reason why. I think that clubhouse being all audio actually gives it an advantage relative to twitter. That leaves more room for user entrepreneurship. Both in the kinds of rooms created and also norms around behavior twitter realize the same benefits relative to blogs with its one hundred forty character constraint. Similarly roadblocks games aren't really competitive with non roadblocks games. They're worse in any sort of traditional sense because the things that make them better are the parts that are enabled by imposing constraints and quote.

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