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Thistles, the takeaway. I'm not cats in this week for 10 Xena Vega on this vote. The ayes are 2 20 today are 2 11. The motion is adopted. The good plan that provides direct assistance to the people of this country. We're going to be saddled with a burden spending burden and a tax burden that is really indefensible from the perspective of what it actually accomplishes legislation represents the boldest action Taken on behalf of the American people since the Great Depression outside of stimulus payments, nearly half won't even be spent this year is simply unfathomable that Democrats want to spend money years down the road, the American rescue plan. Is transformative. It will comprehensively and compassionately meet the moment. Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed the hard won $1.9 trillion covert relief bill. All but one Democrat voted for the bill. Jarrod Goldin of Maine was the lone know and every Republican voted against it. The bill, known as the American Rescue plan, includes $1400 checks for families, extends unemployment insurance and provides funding for vaccine distribution. One aspect of the bill that has gotten less attention so far is $10.4 billion that will go towards agriculture. Approximately $4 billion of that will go towards disadvantage Farmers, many of whom are black. Here to

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