Matthew Mcconaughey on 'Leaning into the Doubt'


Man. I've calibrated recalibrated thousands of times. I've had grand plans. That i thought would lead pipe cinch. There ain't no way this go wrong. And either imploded or the world exploded and for me and i sat there going. Oh jeez i've also had written many headlines. I before i had any idea housing to get there and lived the story to and had successes that way. I've also had many times where. I just hardest part about me going into what i was going to do. Is just to tie and shoes. Get out the damn door. Jump off the cliff. Figure out a fly on the way down. Seems like that's sort of the art of life making plans and then knowing that change is gonna come anyway. The unknown in doubts of just knowing the answer. That's something that i think that we all have. We want to know the answer. Can you make tangible. Can you tell me what. I'm going to take this risk. Can you tell me. I wanna see my reward can okay. Now i see it clearly now know well reward. Don't really like that. Even if we have an idea of what they are. We're going into something. They aren't what we thought they were when we get there anyway so i think the doubt is in what is it. What is an accomplishment. Gonna be there's even unknowns when we're very secure about where we're going and that's not all the time so you can have more doubts if you're only seeking a result or less dashiell lean into the comfort of doubting going. Hey i'm not about the result. I'm going to enjoy the process of doing what i need to do. And how. I look up one day. I'll see where i am and if we do that over and over that sort of leading into the doubt

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