The Personal Journey of Angela Harrington Rice


Anthony. You certainly are renaissance woman. And like you do tell us what inspired you to create widow wayne. Well what inspired me was. Probably one of the most devastating Things in my life. My husband made his transition march. Twenty four twenty fourteen and i was just devastated devastated. I just thought my world had just fallen apart. I couldn't see myself going on Empty nothing brought me joy. And i guess you could say i was. I was pretty much depressed. And i look for hello and was unable to find it I reached out to people. Who admonished me for feeling the way. I was feeling. Because you know if you're a christian you're not supposed to mourn you're not supposed degree in mind as wet and so And so i kept looking you now with even though things like you know don't Don't cry your your ministers It doesn't look good. I mean all kinds of things in the on the internet which Sometimes my best friend on the internet. I found this organization called camp widow and i went to a A camp in tampa florida and everyone who was a part of that organization was either a widow or widower and so it was so comfortable. Because you knew what. The other person felt You know exactly their feelings but you knew that they had lost someone important. You knew it was okay for us to cry. We cried together. We are stories on there. Were person there to minister to us in terms of Sharing some healing modalities that they thought would help us. And so i just felt so at home in so comfortable and it was the first time i felt like i was getting some relief. So when i came back to atlanta i thought oh this would be a great opportunity or i could fill a need for people in atlanta. The woman who had lost their significant others and the interesting thing was it was a help for me. I think i needed to find women who wedge shared similar ernst and so and so. I started this group on June twenty fifth twenty fifth team which is My wedding anniversary and I think one person showed up. But i kept doing it until showed up and it was wonderful. Having these women's talk we shared our stories about our husband. We shared how they made their transition. We shared feelings and we connected with one another And so and we're still connected to this day the first group and so over the years It will be what i don't know i'm not gonna count in my head but it's been a few years now that we have continued on to go full with organization One of the things is just. I learned so much through my own experience. A widow in olive. The reading i've done. And recently i became a licensed grief coach and so one of the things that i know is that it is important to talk about it sometimes. People don't wanna talk the as it think that no one wants to hear the story and so when you come to widow away when you're part of that we know what the story you know. We know we're going to hear your story. We want to hear your story. We wanna listen and so we wanna comfort and in a so wonderful place where you can cry and no one is going to tell you to stop crying you. We're just gonna be there for you

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