News Companies $38 Billion Better Off Since Pandemic

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The. Us case largest publicly listed news companies are now worth thirty eight billion dollars more than they were before the covid nineteen pandemic. this is golden system research from present. Which found that newscorp new times thompson reuters daily mail polish. The mt and the mirror group owner reach are among those companies have seen that stock market values increase since the end of two thousand nineteen important to know not every media organization has whether this as well include yes they include adver instance i tv which has seen a reduction in its Share price as a result of catastrophic. Drop in tv appetizing. Outspent butts six. They claim will sixteen of the news and information companies examined for the research have recovered from the depths of the corona virus crisis so we have spoken at length about organizations like the f. t. and the mit about why those guys have weathered the pandemic seriously well. Are you surprised that it seems to be assaultive across the board thing for every single one of the companies. They looked up. And this is a thing. The surprise me when i first read that. Actually when you think about it isn't surprising that the ads poice by this massive comeback this year. And you've got all these digital businesses that were re already hit by Got decline over the last like five ten years that ashley suddenly like having all these i think it's like travel alcohol rule these companies that have wasting everything to open over the summer this throwing like a years worth of marketing budget at digital media companies must been spend. I thought my point people may spend money but no one's been responding to advertise in the sense that you will ties to all of the law. How are you going to do Yes it by a car. Well so the traditional arabic ad spend is the. I'll just haven't been able to spend all wanted to spend

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