A highlight from Off Script: An Inner Light


But you rejected the holy and righteous one and asked to have a murderer given to you and you killed the author of life whom god raised from the dead to this. We are witnesses acts chapter three versus fourteen and fifteen everybody. I doubt and this is off script. Podcast for every week. We take a deeper dive on sunday sermon. Talk about the theology behind it and get a chance to discuss anything that ended up on the cutting room floor. This is week. Two of our easter season sermon series. Faith with a question mark. And i just tell you now. Wouldn't he gave me a hard time. She's like yeah. Gotta stop saying that you gotta say faith matters and mathurin last week. Oh ron burgundy in the sermon. On sunday i specifically said faith matters. Let's just like that. So that's where my bride. Who assumed we're gonna listen to some point and hopefully i will have remembered to tell her that i mentioned her at the start of the. Yes yeah all right. we're talking about sin. Let's do it. Okay actually there's more but yeah are common problem problem but Do want to talk about in the beginning insured The first week you share this gallup poll about how for the first time. Less than fifty percent of americans says themselves with a church mosque or synagogue. And you kind of touched on that again and you shared about how you know. All of us know the value of raising our kids and grandkids in church. But i starting to actually that. She's like do you think people really know the value or do you think people are still just shown up so i. I am giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. That if you're showing up for this sermon like if you're if you're in the church today you see some value in what we're doing here and it is the case. That young young parents oftentimes people in their twenties drift from the church. Oftentimes the thing that gets them back is bringing their kids to church and it may be this. I mean i set it up is that it's like when you're driving to a favorite place and you don't really know how to get there like you know you can't describe it to someone else you don't know where the streets or whatever you just know how to get there like there's this familiarity. There's this comfort in church. That may be the case that like. We're we bring our kids back to church because that's what we did growing up and that's vaguely important. For some reason. I mean surely there are people that are that are for whom that's their experience. But i do think that if you are going to sunday school if you're taking the kids to school if you're if you're certainly for bringing your kids to worship which isn't necessarily like you have to teach your kids to enjoy worship right work to tolerated as the case may be the you see inherently he's sees value in it but i don't think i don't think that we clearly articulate to ourselves. Why were there. I mean there's a distinction between seeing the value in it knowing it's important and being able to say wise import. Yeah well why. What can you get from church. You can't get other places. I think that's why it's really good. This whole series of faith matters dr articulate. All these different things as we'll walk through in the next few weeks. But because i do get that question from people that haven't grown up in the church because i don't know about you but i do find people that literally sometimes are on my age. They're like no. I never was raised in the church.

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