Hubble Telescope: The Story of Edwin Hubble


Dr james naismith is said to heaven. Dented the game of basketball in massachusetts in eighteen. Ninety one the next year not far away in connecticut. Another sport took a big leap forward. When a man named pudge heffelfinger became the first person to officially get paid actual money to play for an american football team. Soon after mr pudge heffelfinger somewhat stardom as the first professional athlete each of these sports grew in popularity on college campuses but while football grew in popularity it also grew violent by the early nineteen hundreds. There were so many gruesome injuries and worse that it was almost banned entirely president. Teddy roosevelt door. All right sir. Theodore roosevelt had to get involved schools. Were canceling their programs. And more importantly mothers would not let their kids play the game. One of these. Nay saying moms was virginia hubble. She pleaded with her son. Edwin powell hubble not to run basically helmet lewis at full speed and to also basically looks heads of other college students. He listened to his mom and when he graduated. He hung up his dinky non protective helmet. This is a good thing because he was carrying around. What would be one of the most brilliant minds of the twentieth century and has had. He didn't need to go smashing that incredible brain into the rock hard cranium. Curiously oh mama. Hubble didn't make him stop. Boxing apparently edwin was a really great boxer and he continued his pugilist pursuit through college but when edwin hubble enrolled in school at the university of chicago he was planning to honor his father's wishes and be a lawyer. Lawyering wasn't really what made his heart thing. What did make his heart sing. Or the stars in the sky

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