A highlight from Episode 47A Erin Royce Mommy, why?


To discover the wordsmith today. I've got aaron royse erin. How are you doing today taking happening today to start off before we talk about your book tell everybody a little bit about who you are where you live some of the things you like to do besides writing. Well i live in calgary alberta right now announced which is beautiful. Now the reason i moved here from ontario and decided to do so i did a stint on cruise ships to school loans. I thought it was the best way to travel and to not eat a debt. He debt so while i did that. I fell in love with the mountains and one. My best friend is met was from here. She said why don't you here. I said why not. And so i did. And so i've been here ever since fourteen years and my husband will never move. So this is where we stay. The relate to the fiber usually fairly active lots of snow. Here so me Skate by whatever weather is trying to do something that's conducive to that. So we try to keep busy in kid. You have the choice right so when you were on the cruise ship. What did you do. I was a manage that studio. So we had a creative Losses so we teach yoga insinuating in. I would have little neolithic for the also get medals at the end and we go for walks in the places that is it so pretty active so great job. I worked on a crucial ship for a while. I worked in the band I would smoke musicians and it was a great nothing. I'd be too. Yeah not that. I'd be able to do right now. Family kids. You know all that but at the time it was pretty wonderful schedule. So yeah yeah absolutely. I tell the kids now. It's like you know every job. I've had santa rosa equal that because we got paid cash and international waters and The most we worked will saturday and we were less than four hours every other day was about to he that you're running through staff ethically so no answers and numbers and we all hung out your schedule. That was great. Yeah why did you decide to start writing this book. Latest book that you've written easter knows younger is do you know. Just jot notes and write down things that started straight homes stories in

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