Relational Mindfulness With Bart Van Melik


Here we go now with bart van. Milk bart great to see you. Thanks for coming on the show. Thank you down likewise god. Every time i see you. I think about the first time i saw you. Which was my first. Meditation retreat in two thousand ten. I wrote about it. It was like the key seen the key chapter from the first book. I wrote where. I go in my first meditation retreat. And i'm having all these interactions with joseph goldstein in the moments when. I'm allowed to talk to the teacher and in all of those moments. I don't think. I mentioned it but you were in the room because you were practising with him and he was giving me all this advice and you're sitting there nodding sagely so it's always a pleasure to see and you know. The pleasure is very mutual. Dan and funny story is. I had no idea what you do right for your livelihood. Because i had just come to america from the netherlands so i remember i think joseph said something to affect you notice person will know no and then he didn't say anything else but later on i found out. Oh it's yeah it's you. Well you were there for one of the most important moments in my life that retreat really change the trajectory of my life. So i always associate you with that home so many areas. I want to touch on with you. But let's start with relational mindfulness. Can you just give me a very basic description of what that is. Yeah i can. It's let me start just a little bit about that. We as human beings are relational by nature and a lot of meditation practices are done in a way where we bring attention to something. That's going on in early. And yet if you look at how life unfolds it. Unfolds very relational and so in relational meditation practices informa- ways. You learn not only to be aware of what's going on with a new but you'll also get instructions to be very mindful of. Let's say another person who's sitting in front of you

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