Rozalia Russian Is Committed To Her Weekly Fake Tan

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This week's look dropped by guest is echo and designer. Rizzoli of russian brasilia is a former ballerina who fanta online niche as a stall knees and influence a regular sharing. Her effortless looks with over two hundred fifty thousand followers. The melbourne-based mother of two has also recently taken on a new role in two thousand and twenty one as creative director for innovative australian. Tanning brand bouba by latin rosalia. Thanks for dropping by the. Ub podcast thank you for having me now. Hold onto your tanning midst. Because in the spirit of your new role at uber balaton. We are going straighten on fake tan today. So to tell me a little bit about your personal relationship with fake ten. When did you start and what is it. That appeals to you about a fogler. Oh okay are not going to lie. I did spend a lot of my twenties being very naughty and some bagging and my mother always used to say you do that. You really need to look up to skin a knee twenties and old twenty year olds. I never ever listen to my mother. Definitely not the first person that never listened to them wasn't too late late twenties that i could really start saying the sun damage and just how fred all skin released the importance of looking after your skin so i might a pledge to really make sure that i'm used sunscreen. Old times would stop wearing a hat. But of course i still wanted that glow. And that's when i really started tanning religiously in when i made religiously ten every single way. That file doesn't even matter if i have anything on the weekend. I always make sure that. I drew my weekly fake ten.

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