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God. I can report audio. It'll just also have a black screen. That's fine we. We don't need your video. So i'm clapping for my zoom recording and autograph and do one as well great guys. Three robust claps claps as great robust clavel's with the clap back in the day. They dropped the robust because they were like. It's like it's kind of like a double up. We don't need to say yeah. Robust also became the bubonic plague. I believe this is not. This was a dub step song. I'm pretty sure that four hundred five for this was in the six hundred shit we green dust at. Edm has gone everywhere right. You think there's gory asset heavy. Wait for the drop. After the song guys. Welcome to the valley. We have a special special guest today. Noah grossman nab robotic steve. Steve looks different. Maybe jewish steve. Maybe jewish but different. Maybe jewish maybe about twenty years younger and also on the top looking about my you kind of look like my bowl of fruity pebbles after about ten minutes just sitting there. That's what your hair reminds me the entirety of my diet after ten little candies. Goker easter starburst jelly beans bowl. Each up these colors. What's going on and talks about this crazy hair you got. I'm sure you don't get tired of being asked about it. All the time by me. I know is ask you about it before yet. No i Coming up with them is really no thought. It's like ridiculous about it. Is that the only time that it's on is winners. No idea at all it just like. Oh you know it'd be cool color squares on my head which is like a bit of an idea like doesn't turn out like that you know you never know what's gonna happen so the last time took way too long so now we're doing a really quicker one. Yeah yeah did you. Did you like when my hair was a different color. Did you like i did i did. I know you didn't do you. Died back for the for the divac. This fake again. Yeah really yeah just tired of like i want. I want my brown hair back now and it does. It's not fun anymore. Still holidays if i did it enough but i might go back. Who knows but. I like davy of doing something crazy. Like what you're able forever now. Yeah we'll go ahead goal getting blonde again because it's at so it's kind of this. I kinda like you can't catch a little little and spritz addi- yeah i i will always be weirded out by the thought of like i dyed my hair the color of my hair like just a simple man. My hair brown. I'm gonna go. Meg meg hair brown again. I will try. I can look at it later. I'm like whoa. It's like my hair's both brown and the idea of brown which really cool very spent my favorite frail. The color idea of anything around thaad weird is. I wonder if everyone imagines the same type of brown made me thinking like a deep poop immediately. Deep like a nice like ridge poop l. mitch. Gouvia mahogany are like a one of those wood floor and it comes out with no outside texture fall. That was just all of the sign. Says this idea is crazy. I'm sure i've talked about it before. One of the billion things that. I've sat and talked cited. But i still think i still think there's a world where my blue is elliott's red and your green but we just don't know we all just accept. Accept them you say. No no cones and rods. Joe micon mike cones in my rods. Rods aren't your cones and rods and we don't share similar cones and rods. But we do on a genetic level. I suppose we'll not super genetic more of a species level but who knows what i'm saying. I think you're getting psychological truth. Which is that. Your reality is is subjective and depends on your upbringing in your understanding of the world that actually extends to. Is you know this actually reminds me of a book. I'm reading right now. Called the making of a new science. Segue cited by james click. And i've had this actually got this book was given to me is that she lick jiminy james glenn and it was glens to me by rachel evans. Rachel oh yeah rachel live. Yeah we were talking about something one day and take this book you might like it. And i was like my. I probably won't ever read it and then it got referenced in something like oh i have this book and i started reading it and it is very interesting folks if you're interested in chaos theory and what it's all about letting tell you a little bit about it's about the butterfly effect about a guy named laurenz. The butterfly effect. You've heard of this guy who's ashton's the actions in the country and it's very interesting and very complex and all about math problems. About how science. Self sort of disregards the outlying things but if you leave outlying factors go off on their own they sort of have their own behavior that is neither predictable nor periodic. And it's very interesting and has always totally understand it but it seems very excited is it. Is it dumbed down to where the week understand all the concepts and make them palatable for our brand it's surprisingly it takes a second because it's got math problems. But it's very basic like he can describes it for for layman's and that's very nice and also goes back in time. Like like in the sixties and the seventies when these news coming up with this stuff. And it's just. I love all that history of science stuff and how people figured out and how apparently mathematicians and physicists through the forest and the thirties. I didn't know about this and mathematicians and businesses. Now to this day speak very different languages. So it's very hard for them to have interdisciplinary conversation with a lot of that changed in seventy s. But it's still a little bit of earl firm and it's all very fascinating sell. What i'm brought to the podcast. Humans complicate and stuff needlessly needlessly. That's so interesting. I really enjoy. Because that's that's literally einstein's time like like if you described like mathematicians and physicists separate. It's like oh that's literally what i signed it. He took his physics in mathematicians. Yell separated and then help build up on many more important things. In the bond right yes better intertwined air. I would say more fun things senior slightly more enjoyable Job going up what you said just as a man. There's like two facts. That i know i'm gonna sit him out the apparently blue the last color name because everyone's zyppah but there's no way to obtain natural world away to obtain. It is so difficult to actually be to make a natural dye. that's blue So that was the last color name it was worth sky or word for. You know. I wear the. Why isn't it like the color purple. His loyalty isn't balu considered like a very like back. In the day it was a blues wasi color. Do i time game. I mean there's royal blue us. Hey let's just make bird royal blue.

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