A highlight from Gary Snchez on Catching CC and Becoming a Vet

The MLB Show


Our to see to lead. The week was good. What's up man. I see you now are wearing gear. That has you officially branded as bache. Am i right. This is this is swish from my home. Only people from the not even from vallejo from the crash. Use this word so Is just what we call each other. Yeah i love. Hcc's wearing a sweatshirt that says cutty comment cutty. Yeah and what is what is going on there. It's just oh just tells you where like the definition of the word and where it came from and you know the region the origin from it country club crest. Yeah from the famous place. Well i'm from famous guys. I know larger club though the country club at all but it is a famous place. Famous place oh man well see First of all. I i just wanna make some fun of myself and let the audience know if you notice a slight variation in the audio quality from carsten. Charles the bath compared to me. It's because i accidentally put my podcast equipment in the pack and store pile for the movers. While i was moving so it was moved to moving too fast. Now you gotta hold the

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