What's The Real Tea on Celebrity Beauty Brands?


I think it's time to dive into our topic of the day and it's all about the real behind the latest celebrity brands that have come to light in the last year and i feel like in the last six months. It's been like every other day. You're seeing a celebrity step to get their piece of the beauty pie so in the last month even we've had covey skin debut in. That's from that model emily. Dj auto Haven't tried that yet. Gene are just confirmed to wall street journal Yesterday that she has a skincare line coming. Hebrews filed the trademark for road. It goes on and on and on fantasy harris dropping soon if the internet is to be believed and yesterday kris jenner and chrissy teigen launched a whole personal care home line of cleaning products. So it just doesn't stop so Why do you think this deluge of launches his happening right now. We would discuss day because we feel like celebrity brands was such a huge thing years ago when they will launching fragrances right and every snaps had a fragrance so like the thing to do and just kind of went silent i think with the rise of influences and influence a marketing and i guess people feel like they can trust influences. Moreover celebrities and mike percy kind of celebrities want a taste of that now they want to put the names backout. They still want to be the authority on beauty in general. I guess so. I think as far as skincare goes it seems such a surge in popularity especially over the last year of locked down and people wanting to expand with skin moon. I felt like everyone was of the pie.

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