A highlight from Pete Holmes Yes Thank You


That's the deal. We don't know how our brain works. When i say we i mean me. I don't know how my brain works. We don't play with our thoughts with our feelings. We don't explore those kind of things. We practice everything in life. What about thoughts and feelings and how we respond to them. We're gonna talk about faith. We're gonna talk about spirituality. We're going to talk about the difference between i angry and i am angry. What's the difference. Well you're not your feelings and your thoughts so that's the case. Then who are you. And what are you. And i've been asking myself that since my bar mitzvah. We always start every show by welcoming the people who aren't here no matter what state you're in. We do emotional. Shoutouts here are emotional. Shoutouts if you try to return relative to amazon well if you refer to the bathroom as your office because it now actually is your off. Welcome you're starting to have dreams in zoom. Welcome if you considered a career as a mask model. Welcome if you're falling asleep. True crime podcasts. Welcome if you've yelled at your furniture to give you some space. Welcome if you consider lifting a bowl of oatmeal exercise.

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