A highlight from No-No Boy Weaves Family And Other Immigrant Stories Into Catchy Folk Songs

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This is the world cafe. I'm rena doris when you think of a university level history lesson or a big thick book length. phd dissertation. you might think okay. That's probably going to be a bit of a slog even if you're interested in the subject it'll be a lot of dates and names and five dollar words right not in the case of my guest. Today julian saporito. He releases music as no boy. You may have heard. Julian's music before his former band. The young republic was featured as a world cafe next artists back in two thousand and six but his new project started with his doctoral studies at brown university. As no boy he weaves his own family history including the experiences of his vietnamese mother as well as other imigrants stories into gentle cagey and accessible folk songs that feel instantly familiar instead of giving a heavy lecture. He makes history personal now just a warning. There is a song later in this interview that contains offensive language but to begin here. Is julian saporito a novoye with a song dedicated to his vietnamese grandmother. This is sunday danny or bangkok from a hotel. Balcony recorded live for world cafe Suffering fall

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