A highlight from Post 2021 NFL Draft QB & TE Rankings


Nfl can see the game balls and the helmets that show you all the teams i played for except for the browns didn't even try to get my helmet there. I was frustrated. Probably shoulda gotten it. But i was very annoyed that i was getting cut and did not ask remain helmet at that. Point didn't play regular season game for him so i guess technically play for them anyway. The draft is in the rear view mirror. So what does that mean that means one the content on the raw soccer football. Podcast has been awesome. Monday greg cosell breaking down days two and three every broke down day one on friday. Andrew brandt today going all over the aaron rodgers situation literally nobody better as well as some of the fifth year option stuff and then yesterday. Steve fezzet on the podcast. We went over our bets and boy. Oh boy do we do well on twenty twenty one. Nfl draft now. What we need to do. We actually know where these guys are. We've got to rank them with them whether it's for best ball whether it's dynasty whether you just need to know for redraft we know where these guys are. Now what does it mean for them. Moving forward especially the guys that we didn't know where they would land. That is why. I've got the fantasy gangster at f. G underscore dolan. He's got the straight brim hat on always to prove it. He's got the twitter handle you. Don't get at f g underscore dolan unless you are. The fantasy gangster owner of all he overseas at fantasy points dot com where you can and should use the code. Twenty-one feast to sign up for this year. I've already gotten some emails from those of you. That have that is awesome. Twenty-one feast over at fantasy points dot com. joseph how are you. I'm well ross. It's good to be with you here. It was a very eventful. Nfl draft for sure. Not as deep rookie class. I think in terms of immediate fantasy impact that That we've had in years past but certainly some guys who were going to be really intriguing from twenty twenty one perspective and you know we can talk a little dynasty as well. But i think a lot of our focus here is going to be on the twenty twenty one season in the upcoming nfl season. Okay so. I think you're right so today we're gonna do quarterbacks and tight ends and it's interesting joe because we already had a pretty good idea about trevor lawrence and zack wilson. that. But you know in the lead up. And ben standings mock draft or whatever. We didn't talk at all. Though about trae lands in san francisco. Yeah so number. Three overall pick goes to a pretty good offensive team. He does have that running component joe but is he going to start game one. How many games are you going to start. So what are we thinking about. Trae lance well right now. Ross i just did my best ball rankings. And they're inconstant tweak mode right now as as in the first post draft week. I currently have trae land quarterback twenty eight four. The twenty twenty one season is a rate below. Derek carr it is rated. Above jared goff and i i think i'm ranking them there because of the upside if he does start i i would assume he's probably gonna go in that low end. Qb to range. But you look at the upside in the in the kyle. Shanahan offense the weapons that they have in that offense. You got brandon. I you you have. George kittle depot samuel you have. They've got about thirty nine running backs now because they drafted two of them To to guy like are you ever. He most are coming out of the backfield. Catching passes trae sermon. Obviously ally mitchell. They drafted jeff. Wilson was a revelation for them last year. Somebody who helped them win some games more so fantasy players had him Helping them win games. It's a good spot for trae lands. But that's the question right now. Is he going to start. I i would say of the the the first round rookie. Quarterback's jimmy garoppolo is the biggest impediment to a rookie for starting. I guess he's better. I would say he's better than andy. Dalton i would say he's better than cam newton as you compare them to. Justin feels as you compare him to mack jones. So i think Trae lance has the biggest impediment in front of him certainly the competition level and the lack of experience in colleges and impediment for him. I have him. Qb twenty eight right now. But i gotta tell you ross that you have to take into account it in hand. Were come out tomorrow and say we're trading jimmy garoppolo. Trae lands starting quarterback then. He's a top twenty quarterback for the season and and that the way.

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