The Maria Butina I Know

Spy Affair


Over the past six episodes we've followed maria. Boutin story in the united states from roller coaster rides at disneyworld. I came back to childhood to the center of a huge political scandal. Prosecutors claim maria boutin was secretly sent by the russian federation to infiltrate political candidates and the nra. I step outside and they put handcuffs on me and that was my last minute. The freedom a wild political saga involving russian influence powerful politicians and the fbi. This time she was very direct and she said dr grow here is. I've actually been sent from russia to make contact with you visas. Wow you guys ought to be careful. You know you don't want getting out. Into the american media could be problem. She was just heaving and sobbing. Give me out. i'll do anything again. Me out of there. Don't think of putin as while. She was aspire. She wasn't a spy. That's not the construct to think of her the way to think of her as somebody who was able to gain access to a group of people that provided a benefit to various russian interests i was drawn to the story because i wanted to know who maria was an over the past few years. I've spent a lot of time doing my best to get to know her. How does that feel. Feel like you've lost your identity. And you have to rebuild. I feel that they have a chance to start over. His hair wasn't on the right stage of my mind. And now i just. I think god gave me additional town and one watch him token you can you make. It's right now. And i'm gonna make this time

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