A highlight from Together Run with Tina 3: 30 or 50 minute Run


Hi friends were committee together. Run number three. I am loving your feedback. Thank you so much to those of you. Who have given me suggestions and topics to talk about. Did not receive those before recorded. This one actually recorded this one immediately after the previous one but i will be implementing your suggestions into future runs. I'm excited you're going to join me today for another run and today we're going to test out something different so you you are going through this process with me of discovering as a group tolerance work is going to work best. Things are really distracting. How i can make these better and you know we want it to be a a nuff reflection in quiet time to be different to give us something to just bring us present to the moment rather than just teasing out zoning out with a regular podcast upside but i also want to make sure that there is enough to be supportive of you especially if you are someone who has never done meditation before and so. This is an alien concept to you. I this one is going to be a little bit more of a test. I recorded this one running from my home. And so i want to hear from you. Was this distracting enough to where you've would not listen to this again because there was you know the cause distracting or the other noises that you had so once you have listened to this. I really would love few too. If you enjoyed it share a picture. I do go through. Some trails are you. What are you seeing. Take a picture of you. Take a picture of what you see Share on social media or send it to mesa many email you think and yes. Please give me feedback on whether the the run from home is something you would do again or whether you would prefer me to. Yes so whether you prefer to stay to as quite of a place as possible. And i'm trying promise i'm trying to find those places or if it doesn't really matter to you so please let me know your thoughts. Let's get right to it and we'll go straight to this dead together. Run high friends. Welcome to another guy did run. We are going to try something different today because I'm gonna try. Running in a more was normal pace to me to be running which is Nair so testing this out. See how it sounds with 'cause around and just more of a normal suburban route And we'll see what you think so get going and if this is your time i will lead you through either footy thirty minute and a forty five minute run. We'll let you check off. Leave it stop. You watch whatever thirty minutes. And i will keep going for a forty five minute group so we yeah that's about it really just see what you think. We're testing this out today. I may not do more of these. If it's too loud we will see and hear. We're just gonna so get ready. Got watch tradie in three two one. We're all so. I could be running through more neighborhood tile style which is going to be interesting and more people around will cause around noses stairs. I'm gonna get but that's okay. We'll see how it goes. See what people think. And if it's something worth doing again or keep sticking to the quite path. I've been running so to begin. These runs as we do We're gonna start with a what scan check. How feeling going to feel starting out a head and walking down. I'll tell you to do more of it in just a second. I'm just explaining what we will. We will be starting a head and you going to feel the various parts of your body. Pay attention to them. See how you feel. You stiffness tightness soonest. Whatever the end check in again. See if it's the same areas see different areas and just great way to connect to voters. Let's stop right now. I'm gonna go through my body. And then i redo the sale the muscles and areas. I would suggest checking in on and then you can either fully with me once and do. Don't you earn all you can. Just listen and then do it on your own separately. So let's start with a head shouldn't feel your head maybe some window new head for shouldn't be any stiffness tightness. You might feel something in the back of the neck maybe around the is maybe the shoulders. Maybe the the muscles in the body. And i don't want to confuse people. Deltoid muscle lucky way down through your ribcage through your stomach. Down into your hips pelvis. What down there you go top of your legs reports hamstrings going into your knees down to cobb's ankles feet

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